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  1. Hi deagantheo, as I said in my humble opinion, As he is with other fish I would expect him to show some color, a male chisamulae would have dark almost purple stripes and dark dorsal fin and face. Maybe contact Scott at hareysfish he breeds Chisamulae. cheers Lenny
  2. not wanting to upset anyone but I would look into it further for ID before breeding. My humble opinion is that there is too much blue in the fins to be Chisamulae Lenny
  3. Hi everyone, I would miss it. I have got to know some very good breeders and hobbiests here. I have also dealt with some very good suppliers that I have learned of on here. hang in there qldaf.
  4. thank you lictoga, I did not know you cant send photos via pm, I will contact the member and send them to his phone cheers Lenny
  5. As a technically challenged survivor of the last century could someone please tell me how to put photos from my apple Iphone 4 on this forum. I have tried but they seem to be too big or something I don,t understand. I would like to send some photos via PM. Take note I am technically challenged so please keep it simple. I would appreciate any advice thanks Lenny.
  6. I disagree with any hybrids, however from time to time accidents happen. Destruction is the option I would take as keeping lines pure is my priority. the choice is yours my friend.
  7. hi guys, would like a little info on what you are using from bunnings. gas bottle ? where you get oxygen ? cheers Lenny.
  8. g,day Tim, no mate i have,nt tried photobucket. I am technically challenged, I am from the 20th century not the 21st cheers Lenny.
  9. looking for ps. zebra long pelvics . mainly looking for females but would like a spare male. I have 1m/2f at the moment. I live in Townsville so would need to ship them but would really like to get these guys breeding so would like fresh bloodline if possible cheers Lenny
  10. hi and welcome Kds, you will find people helpfull and willing to give advice , but like any forum you will get a mix of opinions but you will gain a lot of knowledge welcome once again. Lenny
  11. hi timothy2. Mate still haven,t worked out how to post photos on here yet. If you got some you would not be disappointed, they are very nice fish like most labidos they are reasonably quiet . cheers lenny
  12. bought some pearlmutts from scott , nice male and some good looking fry. Also bought colony of friebergi from him , I am now looking for unrelated friebergi to keep them pure and strong, if anyone can help it would be appreciated. cheers lenny.
  13. thanks mbunamad, pm sent to scott, cheers lenny.
  14. Is anyone breeding permutts, if so are you willing to ship.? would you be prepared to sell 1 male 4 females to add to my colony .? At the moment i have a mix of 6 subadults. If anyone can help it would be great. cheers Lenny
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