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  1. mine note just got back into it after no fish and shutting down for 5+ years. still reading up on new sock and media methods etc
  2. tank is cycled. got 2 platties,6 neons, 1 cat fish, 1 betta and 2 plants. Got to get grass, moss and even out the fish to suit there schooling and numbers they like. And finish playing with my media setup. no one used socks when i was into and now apparently thats all alot of ppls are using so the fish shop tellls me still researching i have reduced my media heaps thinking of running 3 sock with microns to suit at bulk head, inlet then pump. but basically thats it. moved tank from house cause wife doesnt want it in there so its in the shed. no whirlybirds and no insulation so temps were hitting 32 chuck fan on got them down to 29/30 ordered some clip on fans so will wait and see how they go but will wait and see how much it drops when i wack some whirlybirds on otherwise i will but a chiller get some good 2nd hand ones for 300 or dollars. pics attached . bit cloudy cause i rearranged tank
  3. after about about 5 yrs not in use. i set the old tank back up and have moved it out to the shed. its cycling atm have got 2 plants and 2 platties in there. pics to come
  4. Following. Nice work so far Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  5. nice. im about to do something similar for me daughter
  6. what did ur new bottle cost ? i cant find anyone to fill my ista bottle either not happy
  7. correct i cant get my ista bottle refilled on the northside
  8. went to the one at redcliffe link below. they cannot refill it Brew By U. Brew your own beer! that shop now is actually called horny wombat brewery now http://www.hornywombatbrewery.com.au/
  9. too far to travel to underwood will prolly end up just buying a massive bottle off them
  10. i work away 4 weeks at a time. my tank is fine (although plants would be heather if water changes were done). miss's just feeds em no water changes. i use things similar to these in my sump to help API Bio Chem-Zorb 283g API Nitra-Zorb API Phos-Zorb
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  12. yeh went to my local home brew place at contarf no go. has no aus approval. lt me know how u go. cheers
  13. Hi all got a ista co2 bottle and cant get it filled up ANYWAY cause its not aus aprroved and rang a approval place and they cant approve it either costs like 3500 lol. has any one got one of these filled up at all? otherwise i will have to buy my own larger bottle for about $290. i would have went that method first if i new the ista bottles werent refillable!! Ista 1 liter Professional CO2 Cylinder cheers
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