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  1. Well that sucks ill have to remove the salousi before i put in the male fuelleborni back into the tank.
  2. Hey guys a question for african cichlid breeders. Can mbuna crossbreed? Example in question salousi's and fuelleborni?
  3. Hey guys any ideas for good dither fish to bring my fuelleborni out more, they freak when they see me but are as happy as pie when they can't. If you have any to sell "dithers" i would be interested in buying
  4. What are all your water changes on your african cichlids? Frequency?
  5. 7 ranging from 2 to 6 foot and one massive 7x2.5x2.5 african display tank in my rumpus room
  6. Experiences with tropheus guys. Rocks or no rocks for brreding or flat rocks?
  7. Hey guys thanks for the pms fish are accounted for , gave it to the first person who pmed me, merry xmas everyone
  8. Hey guys its that time of the year im feeling charitable and also breaking down my 2x2x2 with tropicals in it, im giving all my fish away, would prefer if someone will take the lot. Occupants of the tank are as follows. 1x marbled angelfish decent size 1x black knife ghost fish 16cm + 9x assorted rainbow fish 1x bristlenose catfish adult 1x royal whiptail catfish decent size Need them all gone by tommorow tuesday arvo before the fish stors close so im thinking 3pm at the latest otherwise they are going to the fish shop. Pm me for details, merry xmas. Location is new farm
  9. Hey guys just got a tropheus colony of 17 re moliros a few days back. the have been doing well, tabk fully cycled, they are eating. They are still skittish which is too be expected. What i thought i might try today is turning on the 2 foot led in the middle of the 6 foot they are in, they didnt seem to like the light much and they are huddled in one corner. Anybody with experience on this? whats the best way to get them used to the light? reason i want a light on the tank is to make sure their ok. i.e. not being bullied and also dont have bloat or other diseases etc, cant really see much without the light on and just normal light in the room. Any help would be appreciated .
  10. Hey guys i need some advice on a tropheus tank im setting up, have it cycled ready to go. Its a 6ftx18x18 and im going to put 17 red moliros in there. Whats the best serup for them for long term ease of breeding and general wellbeing for the fish. What im asking is lots of rocks, a little bit or none at all or just a couple of flat rocks?
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