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  1. FS - Fish Tanks

    One tank sold. Original post edited.
  2. Nice video. Can you do something like this? Ok not quite the same extravagant rig but DIYish a similar one?
  3. Hi, Does anyone keep and breed them? Keen to get 2 or 3 trios of young sub-adults. Please let me know if you have some available. Thank you.
  4. Hi, Does anyone have any for sale? Keen to get 2 or 3 trios of young sub-adults please. Cheers.
  5. FS - Fish Tanks

    Sent you a PM.
  6. FS - Fish Tanks

  7. Yes I still do. Not in a real hurry to sell them at the moment until I get new fish and need tank space.
  8. FS - Fish Tanks

    More tanks available. Added pics.
  9. Sold and picked up. Sorry @johnbetta. I cannot wait for 4 months as I need the tank space. Cheers.
  10. TANK 1 2' x 18" x 18" display quality tank with full lids (around 61 x 45 x 45cm) (Top shelf left tank in 1st pic). Drilled for 32mm overflow and 25mm at 50% level on one side for quick water changes. $50. TANK 2 4' x 18" x 20" display quality tank with low iron opti clear starfire front panel with full lids (around 122 x 45 x 50cm) (Middle shelf tank in 1st pic and 2nd pic). Drilled for 32mm overflow and 25mm at 50% level on the left side for quick water changes. $100. All tank dimensions are in L x W x H and are still running on the rack system so I guarantee it holds water fine. Will empty them prior to pick up. Pick up from Birkdale.
  11. Bump. Still some available.
  12. Bump. Still some available.