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  1. Thanks mate. Sorry I am sold out at the moment.
  2. It is a shame we no longer have dario dario.
  3. I know of someone who has 150+ black tiger dario fry growing out at the moment. They should be available in a few weeks time if you still haven't find any by that time.
  4. I have decided to sell up all my breeding peppermint bristlenose. Last set of breeding trio available.
  5. 11 x corydoras panda breeding colony. Fry to prove. SOLD Reason for selling is to focus on breeding rarer corydoras and other micro fish. Pick up from Birkdale or add $35 for shipping to allowable states.
  6. What corydoras are you after? I have sent you a PM.
  7. Peppermint bristlenose breeding trio - 1 male and 2 females. All fish are 10+cm TL. Fry to prove. SOLD Reason for selling is to focus on 'less messy' fish. I breed mostly corydoras and micro fish and my work no longer allows me time to keep up with tank maintenance for 'messy' fish. Pick up from Birkdale or add $35 for shipping to allowable states.
  8. Hey Chris, Thanks for your kind words. Great to know you are happy with the fish and they have settled in well. Feel free to ask any question mate and hope you heal up well soon. Cheers, JC
  9. Sounds like you are planning to go for a high-ish tech planted tank assuming you're planning on a compressed CO2 unit and not the DIY sugar + yeast setup. CO2Art from UK has premuim CO2 regulators and good quality needle valves for precise bubble rate adjustment but the cheaper units do fine as well but may have less sensitive needle valves. Substrate wise for planted tanks, if you are planning to go Dutch style, you'll probably be fine with most substrate since most stem plants are water column feeder so a good quality liquid fert would suffice. For other styles e.g. jungle, iwagumi, etc. and for heavy root feeders e.g. cryptocoryne, echinodorus, etc., the current go-to substrate would probably be ADA Amazonia (Normal or Fine), Fine version would be easier for carpeting plants with small roots but you'll need it to be established before introducing larger type corydoras; any of the 3 species of dwarf corydoras would be fine. ADA Amazonia does require a lengthy cycling period due to ammonia leeching so it would be best to start the cycling process early before introducing live stock. Fully adjustable full spectrum LED lights would be ideal. Check out MakeMyLED, a SA company which specialises in lights for planted tanks. Good luck and enjoy the hobby!
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