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  1. jc12

    Where did we all go?

    Hi Craigo, Good to see you back. I have only met you once... just before you closed the tanks. I am just around the corner from you. Facebook is where a lot of people have gone. I haven't been posting much on forum or FB either. Nowadays due to young additions to the family, I am just breeding little nano fish (i.e. corydoras, danio, just getting into killifish and rainbows), and shrimps (mostly crystals, taiwan bees and some cherries). Keen to see what you are going to set up this time round. Good luck!
  2. Something like this and spray paint it any colour you want? https://www.bunnings.com.au/brutus-12-x-12-x-1-5mm-2-4m-angle-building-moulding_p1100623 https://www.bunnings.com.au/brutus-19-x-19-x-2-5mm-2-4m-pvc-building-moulding_p1100622 https://www.bunnings.com.au/brutus-4-5-6mm-x-2-4m-building-moulding-external-angle_p1100645
  3. Been keeping discus on and off for over 20 years. I haven't had issues. The last time I kept discus was for 3-4 years until November 2017. Only had 2 sub-adults cark it in that time and a handful (10-20) fry/juvies died while growing them out (which I think is quite normal for breeding/growing out fry). I find they do best with more water changes than less. I was doing 50% WCs at least 2-3 times a week and sometimes on a good week I do daily WCs, but sometimes I could only manage WC for the adults once a fortnight. I am more diligent doing WCs for the fry/juvies depending on work. I use rain water/RO water/mix tap/RO waste to get TDS 60-80 for breeding pairs and tap water/RO waste around TDS 200-400 to grow out juvies. Once the young get to size, I just keep them in regular tap water. Adults were mostly fed FDBW and NLS discus pellets in auto feeder (while I am at work) and juvies on BBS/moina/FDBW/NLS pellets/Tetra Colour. They are not that difficult in my experience. The key is clean water. With clean water, they don't sulk, they grow well and rarely have diseases. I don't worm them regularly (I know some people do) and do not run a UV either. Just simple clean water and good-ish food. Hope this helps. They are amazing fish but I had to give them up due to new additions to my family.
  4. jc12

    Pseudomugil luminatus

    Thanks mate. Will have to check it out when I get a chance.
  5. Nice video. Can you do something like this? Ok not quite the same extravagant rig but DIYish a similar one?
  6. Hi, Does anyone keep and breed them? Keen to get 2 or 3 trios of young sub-adults. Please let me know if you have some available. Thank you.
  7. jc12


  8. one 1 one 1 one 1 = three 3
  9. I don't use oatmeal any more. Got a recipe using bread, yeast and milk. Best recipe ever. Sweet smelling and no more aggro from the family. PM me your email address and I can send you a document with pictures on how to do it. I got this recipe from @KillieOrCory. I shared it with @Nazegoreng, not sure how it went for her.
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  11. jc12

    Colourful, low tech plants?

    I have a soft spot for crypts... and all the plants mentioned above. Sent you a PM.
  12. jc12

    Colourful, low tech plants?

    You could consider some 'coloured' cryptocoryne or echinodorus for a low light set up. Depending on the size of your tank, most 'coloured' echinodorus grow quite big though. For 'coloured' cryptocoryne, you could consider something like c. blassii, c. undulata 'red' and/or c. wendtii 'red'. You can also consider plants like red tiger lotus or tri-colour lotus. Or perhaps even rarer plants like barclaya longifolia 'red'. All these plants are root feeders, not very demanding and easily grown with some root tabs/fertilisers. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  13. No. Have no experience keeping or collecting them. May be an option some years down the road if/when I have a pond.
  14. Great information @grubby! Thank you for sharing. It is such a simple but logical thing to do when transporting fish, especially wild caught (collecting natives). Glad I asked, and learn something new. I am slightly less of a gummy now. Haha.
  15. Maybe I am one of those gummies, but what is bucket burn? While I know a white bucket freaks fish out, I have tried googling the last 10 minutes but couldn't find any literature regarding bucket burn.