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  1. .heres the link: 4ft fish tank with accessories | Fish | Gumtree Australia Caboolture Area - Ningi | 1060559453
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  3. Ok thx, I might buy a cave or a log then.
  4. Hey all, i was just wondering if my bristle noses would breed in my shipwreck ornament, or if I would need to buy a cave for them to breed in?
  5. Thx guys, I have been feeding them cucumber every couple of days and they seem ton enjoy it. Thanks again
  6. What do you think of the african cichlids? I was looking at them because of the nice bright colours. I was told you cant put live plants in the tank because they will just pull it out. What fish would you recommend for a starter.
  7. Hey all, Im new to the forum and fish. I have brought a nice 4ft fish tank. i am using it as a fresh water aquariam. I have 4 bristle nose and about 30 feeder fish in it at the moment to get the cycle going. i was just wondering on what some good fish to start with for this size tank. I was looking at the african cichlids. Thanks in advance
  8. I am just new to the fish world. I have just started my tank up. with four bristle nose and wondering what is the best thing to feed them. Once the tank has cycled properly i am looking at starting with african cichlids, any information would be greatly apreciated
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