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  1. hey mate how much ill take then when pick up thanks8)0417079517

  2. Hey mate welcome to the forums, hope you rekindle your passion for the hobby..
  3. Welcome to the forums mate. Any questions just ask away
  4. How much are these white yabbies worth and what are they called.. Your yabbies look amazing man
  5. Thanks for the advice everybody, yeah I think il give that stuff a go.. Found it on eBay and you can pick up from their store down at Burleigh so might be an excuse to go do a little fishing then stop in their on the way home
  6. I've noticed on Afew of my electric yellows that they have a sunkin belly they get feed plenty, so would the assumption be possibly need worming?
  7. Not sure what you'd call it mate but it's just to keep ontop of their general health I've seen plenty of people say they worm their fish once a month or every 2 months,
  8. Hey everybody Chris here once again, just after some advice on worming my Frontosa's, Electric Yellows and Bristlenose (the bristlenose have fry in the tank and makes sitting on more eggs can I still worm this tank?) What products do you's recommend and where's the best place to get it from.. I'm just down the road from AOA so if it's something they have in stock that'd be great (usually go down their atleast once a week even if I don't need anything lol). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. cheers once again Chris,
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