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  1. Problem:- My 2 acaras have developed 2 separate issues. 1 has a single hole in their head and some sort of growth above it's top lip and the other has a white pimple/tumor behind it's eye . Both symptoms appeared in the last couple days, I have been away for a few days so not sure when all this popped up. but definitely only appeared in the last few days this week. Looking for indication as to what it may be so can start treatment. My tank has been so good and trouble free that I have no meds on hand. Ph:- 7.4 always been this since day 1 Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:-20 Nitrite:-0 Gh:- never tested Kh:- never tested Size of tank:- 600l 6x2x.2.5 Temperature °C:- 26 Been running for:- 3ish years - as long as I have been a member here Filtration:-Canister Fish in tank:- 2x acaras as in photos, 15 angels, 3 yoyos, 2 bristles noses and 6 tetras Plants in Tank:- yes and no idea what they're called Feeding:- sera viparian and bloodworm Recent Medication Treatments:- none Last water change:-6 days ago Water change every 3 weeks img_9748 this one is the most skittish of all my fish and the best I could get will try again tomorrow to get a better pic of the other guy
  2. Mine fight a lot when about to spawn. Never any visible damage but still quite nasty. As mine got bigger from Juvies they fought constantly for about 4 -5 weeks even after coming out of the same tank at the LFS and being together for so long. so long as they aren't doing damage to each other and taking fins etc off let them go, they will eventually sort out a pecking order and pair off if you have a couple females.
  3. I cant tell the difference between my marine and plant pet works 2 foot leds when I put them on my 24inch cube, they both look very blue, like a light dose of methyl blue. my 4 footer looks fine colour wise on my 6 foot. I am about to start a planted tank for a pair of my spawing Angels and will be getting the new Fluval jobbies as i want a good spectrum. If I can swing it with the minister for finance I may get an MML as well.
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  5. Nothing you can safely put in your thank with other occupants can kill MTS
  6. Algae will be eating some of the nutrients in the tank, doubt it will be causing the spiking. I remember why my last tank cycled everything went up and then crashed overnight and 2 days later added more ammonia to tank and few hours later tested small mount few more hours later nothing but was showing nitrates. The initial cycling is the most stressful as it pulls stunts like this.
  7. It seems like the Beneficial Bacteria colony is not big/strong enough. You may need to add some dedicated bio media like ceramic noodles or a small bit of marine pure to the filter. The foam will have a Beneficial Bacteria colony but not a big enough one. How big is the internal filter? or what type and brand of filter is it?
  8. [MENTION=8516]none[/MENTION] all good mate, I'm learning additional things as we go. Also it's hard to get recent opinions on certain things from searching the web and if this thread starts something else that benefits others then...
  9. Fish were floated in tank for about an hour and I did a water change in the morning using supachlor as the dechlorinater and its what I have always used in both my tanks The way I have added all my fish to the tank is: float bag in tank for about 20 mins then add approx 1 cup of tank water and float for a further 20, add another cup float further 20. I turned the heater off on Tuesday night and the tank temp at the time was 26, by wed morning it was 22 and has been there ever since. The other two fish when they died looked exactly the same. I did notice with the last one that its poo was clearish. I couldn't take pics of them as I had to hide the fish from kids, they don't take fish deaths too well. The 3 corys came home in a separate bag and are showing no ill effects and Pearl is doing as she always does.
  10. Yeah I'm thinking flex/Columnaris too So far only the three goldfish(now deceased) that I got last Sunday have showed this. The one in the photo was like that Tuesday and same night 1 disappeared, I found him yesterday behind a rock like the guy in the photo and now the 3rd has ended up in the same . My big pearl looks ok for now. she is pretty tough though... I have added tri-sulpha to the tank tonight now too, which makes that MB last night and salt in the tank. I want to make sure my BN and 3 cory's plus Pearl to make it through this. I am going to wait until Sunday? to do the next water change as thats 3 days in meds. My water is/was perfect last Sunday before everyone was added and I used the same water in this tank as my 6 foot community and that tank is all fine this week no illness there. Heres a pic of my pearl as of about 5 mins ago:
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