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  1. I don't know about if but more when. I think this is going to be a big wakeup call but might be a bit late. Add in the whitespot and things are not looking too flash at the moment. They are talking about not targeting certain fish for capture to help with the target algae issue but feel there will be a unwinable situation. Too bigger influx, too quick.
  2. Yeah it is widespread. Doesn't the Great Barrier Reef get it revision this week or next week - it might end up endangered.Cyclone season is about to hit and impact too.
  3. I don't know where those photo's were taken but was only speaking to a collector yesterday and he mentioned that they were finding similar off Gladstone and worse they have seen - years gone past there was a little bit of the bleaching and they found new areas but there have not been the new areas to find recently. I believe there are a few more reports for further north.
  4. Thanks for the shout out Ray. Great seeing it coming along in steps and look forward to see the cabinet and hood come together to top it off. 3 weeks for discus hey..bit of wait but your not leaving anything to chance - nice work and look forward to the final step - then time to enjoy..
  5. Jeanine did some time with us till they realised who they had lost. Hope all is going well. Agree with you Stace. Hope she continues to do well and gets the opportunity to advance.
  6. Nah you covered most the issues pretty well Rod - that was more in addition to your list. - Just another thing.
  7. The current stats are "The overall pet population in Australia has declined by 9% since 2013 as a result of decreases in the populations of birds (down 11%) and fish (down 21%)." Can't blame Pet Barn for this and it has not helped LFS. Stats from AMA Pet-Ownership-in-Australia-2016-Report
  8. One of the posts are 3 years old, the review is from over a year ago and they talk about fish solubles and quote. " Their formula has changed significantly. The primary ingredient is now "Fish Solubles" (used to be Salmon Fillets). " It is really good your looking at getting the best for your fish. Big thumbs up but this is a photo that I just took of one straight off the shelf for you so you can see what comes off the shelf...I'm not trying to persuade you into Ocean Nutrition - I am just trying to give you the right information so you can make a good decision.
  9. I do not think that is correct with the Ocean Nutrition Formula One - it was apparently designed by Jack Wattley and has not changed. Who mentioned it had changed?
  10. Cool - catch ya's in a bit....its getting closer...
  11. At the point of the issue it was with Brine Shrimp and Mysis Shrimp so rotifiers I do not think would have been a issue.
  12. 90% of frozen food was so close to not being available. The impact of whitespot for prawns reached the point to where frozen foods had stopped being imported into Australia - if it was not for a number of people involved with bio security, getting your favourite frozen food almost became history. It is not something that impacts the prawn sector - it hit the aquarium industry and while it is important to recognise that there is a serious issue for the prawn industry in general it had further reaching factors. Here is a short rundown to what almost happened. PIAA news - Huge Win for PIAA in the Aquatic Sector !! A little over two weeks ago the Federal Government banned the import of frozen crustaceans (mysids, krill and Artemia) that are used as pet fish food or were part of a pet fish food. This was via a Notice of Decision to Suspend the Importation of Uncooked Prawns under the Biosecurity Act 2015. This Notice was in response to the current White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) outbreak in prawns in Queensland. While the exact pathway responsible for this outbreak is still to be formally determined, the most likely source of this outbreak has been the use of uncooked prawns by recreational fishermen as bait. The foods involved that are imported into Australia require gamma irradiation at 50 kGy before being released for sale. Many of our members were likely to be impacted. Not just the importers but also retailers who sell substantial amounts of these foods to their customers. Dr Josiah Pit (PIAA Director for Suppliers and Manufacturers) and I prepared a document indicating that the science (we had several papers available) supported the fact that WSSV could not survive the irradiation and therefore these foods posed no risk. Because PIAA had been to the table at Canberra on many occasions regarding aquarium fish and the aquatics industry, we have the contacts and so are capable of going directly to the decision makers. In less than two weeks the decision was reversed this last Monday and these foods are no longer effected and can continue to be imported. This is the value of being a member of PIAA and supporting your industry association. Dr Robert Jones President of PIAA, Director of Aquatics and Services
  13. Seachem support both land based and sea based conservation projects. This one is specifically to help raise money to try and support the conservation efforts for last remaining Rhino species. The Western Black Rhino was declared extinct in 2011. While it would have been really awesome for the Seachem promotion to be aimed towards aquatic conservation efforts- it is really important for as many people as possible to get behind Rhino conservation to try and save what we have left. Once it is lost, it is lost forever. Land or Sea.
  14. Seachem is giving back with "Save the Rhino". 250ml bottles of Stability and Prime will receive a Bonus of 30% extra FREE. Also, a proportion will be donated to Save The Rhino. Click on the link below to jump on this awesome deal! http://www.thetechden.com.au/searchresults.asp?Search=Rhino
  15. Just Arrived- Vitalis food for all different types of coral! This incredibly high quality food is bound to get an amazing feed response from your marine tank inhabitants while providing optimal nutrition. There is a pellet food for Anemones and one for LPS corals. There are also two different types of micronised flake- one for SPS Corals and the other for Soft Corals. Check out these awesome new marine foods today- http://www.thetechden.com.au/Coral_Food_s/2387.htm