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  1. I don't believe any QLDAF member has been knocked back with or without facebook. Should it ever happen please do not hessitate to give me a call. We remeber where we came from and the important roll QLDAF played in us getting where we are today. The "all jokes aside part" was so people would not take the "Everybody has facebook - some people even have more than one profile even..." too sersiously and a bit of giggle where people have multiple facebook accounts. That's all, sorry guys and gals if it was taken the wrong way.
  2. Everybody has facebook - some people even have more than one profile even... All jokes aside, complete as much as possible and send through the email and when it comes through, our club approval guy will ask me about it. You have been dealing with us for a while which is a major plus factor.
  3. We have had to make some changes. If you have tried to use the QLDAF discount code on the website it will come up saying it does not work. Unfortunately we found a large amount of people using QLDAF discount had nothing to do with QLDAF. Here is the good news - we have replaced it with our Rewards Club. No more entering coupons - we apply directly to your account and there is a card for in store purchases. For more details just click the link below - get Club pricing and hear about some of the top deals we have. We still have some Eheim Ecco Pro 130 Canister filters better than half price - same with Eheim Streams. Have some great deals on Macropore at the moment and with Club Pricing it makes it the cheapest price in Australia. https://www.thetechden.com.au/Articles.asp?ID=261
  4. We have some really good deals at the moment. Here is our latest mailout - check out some of these top buys https://mailchi.mp/thetechden/celebrate-the-new-year-with-these-313069?fbclid=IwAR0FSMJ26r11yMKxtkNwMPA7kK2b60kBMvRcRrz6p906WZpRRCC5m8WN_3k
  5. Till Sunday 16/12/2018 we have a flash special of just $4.99 a kg - great for cichlid tanks. Must pick up in store.
  6. This was Auspets 2018 main Aquascape - it has a new home at The Tech Den - hmmm but what fish do you think we should add? Just to give an idea on hardware specs.. 3 x Red Sea Reefer 250 90x53x50cm 250l each Sumped 6 Kessil 360 Tuna Suns on custom stand 3 Fluval SP4 Pumps 2 Exoterra Multi Misting systems. Have to add a 6.8kg CO2 Cylinder and Solinoid and Reg
  7. Hope your not going to buy toner or printer ink real soon...lol Fish food is dirt cheap compared to that stuff.
  8. Fish food is like that when you look at it per kilo....and I do not think the family would be impressed with a couple of pinches of pellets on a plate either. Less sugar and salt would be a bonus with high protein and veg. Its probably better than a lot of foods in supermarkets now a days. I have seen people eat fish food but would not suggest eating any fish food myself. It is a testament to how much we like our pets and how well we treat treat them. If I went to a butcher and the nicest steak they have was $100 a kilo I would knock it back but would not think twice for food for my pets. It probably one of the best features of human nature.
  9. Sorry it took so long but it is finally here= highly regarded as one of the best fish foods on the market. https://www.thetechden.com.au/Tropical_Brand_Fish_Food_s/2476.htm?searching=Y&sort=13&cat=2476&show=40&page=3
  10. 20% Off Freshwater Fish 20% Off Plants and Shrimp 20% Off Coral 20% Off Saltwater Fish Don't forget your QLDAF discount off that... Most fish when buying in lots of 6 or 10 you get 10% off as well... In Store Only! Finishes Sunday 01/07 We also have a $50,000 Stock Clearance as well. https://www.thetechden.com.au/Reduce_to_Clear_Big_Savings_s/2509.htm
  11. In store special on Algae Shrimp - 400-500 available. What about $29.50 for 10?? No - how about we take 10% off for buying 10 or more?? $26.53 How about the 10% off for being a QLDAF Member?? $23.88 OK...buy 10 and we will throw in another 10 Now that is a good deal....only while stocks last. https://www.thetechden.com.au/NQ_Algae_Shrimp_Pick_Up_In_Store_Only_p/algae-shrimp.htm
  12. We have a bunch of gear going super cheap - just $3 - caves, feeders, sponges and a heap of other items too.... https://www.thetechden.com.au/3_or_Less_Bargains_s/2472.htm
  13. Taken with a Canon - no filter, just a polarised lens - when Sarah comes in next I will show her my Canon and settings..
  14. Guess this one is for you then Ray. Go to camera and swipe right - select pro mode - select WB (whilte Balance) and move it to 10000k and play with tones if you want T1 - have fun....
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