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  1. At the point of the issue it was with Brine Shrimp and Mysis Shrimp so rotifiers I do not think would have been a issue.
  2. 90% of frozen food was so close to not being available. The impact of whitespot for prawns reached the point to where frozen foods had stopped being imported into Australia - if it was not for a number of people involved with bio security, getting your favourite frozen food almost became history. It is not something that impacts the prawn sector - it hit the aquarium industry and while it is important to recognise that there is a serious issue for the prawn industry in general it had further reaching factors. Here is a short rundown to what almost happened. PIAA news - Huge Win for PIAA in the Aquatic Sector !! A little over two weeks ago the Federal Government banned the import of frozen crustaceans (mysids, krill and Artemia) that are used as pet fish food or were part of a pet fish food. This was via a Notice of Decision to Suspend the Importation of Uncooked Prawns under the Biosecurity Act 2015. This Notice was in response to the current White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) outbreak in prawns in Queensland. While the exact pathway responsible for this outbreak is still to be formally determined, the most likely source of this outbreak has been the use of uncooked prawns by recreational fishermen as bait. The foods involved that are imported into Australia require gamma irradiation at 50 kGy before being released for sale. Many of our members were likely to be impacted. Not just the importers but also retailers who sell substantial amounts of these foods to their customers. Dr Josiah Pit (PIAA Director for Suppliers and Manufacturers) and I prepared a document indicating that the science (we had several papers available) supported the fact that WSSV could not survive the irradiation and therefore these foods posed no risk. Because PIAA had been to the table at Canberra on many occasions regarding aquarium fish and the aquatics industry, we have the contacts and so are capable of going directly to the decision makers. In less than two weeks the decision was reversed this last Monday and these foods are no longer effected and can continue to be imported. This is the value of being a member of PIAA and supporting your industry association. Dr Robert Jones President of PIAA, Director of Aquatics and Services
  3. Seachem support both land based and sea based conservation projects. This one is specifically to help raise money to try and support the conservation efforts for last remaining Rhino species. The Western Black Rhino was declared extinct in 2011. While it would have been really awesome for the Seachem promotion to be aimed towards aquatic conservation efforts- it is really important for as many people as possible to get behind Rhino conservation to try and save what we have left. Once it is lost, it is lost forever. Land or Sea.
  4. Seachem is giving back with "Save the Rhino". 250ml bottles of Stability and Prime will receive a Bonus of 30% extra FREE. Also, a proportion will be donated to Save The Rhino. Click on the link below to jump on this awesome deal! http://www.thetechden.com.au/searchresults.asp?Search=Rhino
  5. Just Arrived- Vitalis food for all different types of coral! This incredibly high quality food is bound to get an amazing feed response from your marine tank inhabitants while providing optimal nutrition. There is a pellet food for Anemones and one for LPS corals. There are also two different types of micronised flake- one for SPS Corals and the other for Soft Corals. Check out these awesome new marine foods today- http://www.thetechden.com.au/Coral_Food_s/2387.htm
  6. Here is a video of this amazing filter- It is worth checking out!
  7. Look forward to seeing both of you pop in. Hopefully we have our stands for our expansion in too and Sarah can isle surf a little more, I know she loves a good browse. Blackworm is all stocked up as we know plates have a lil tankerin for em. Wonder how they would go in your beefie mix. Living Reef do get some awesome discus which is why we have a couple from them too. Look forward to seeing the project pics.
  8. Amazing API Promotion-Buy a Freshwater Master Test Kit and receive a FREE GH and KH Test kit worth $17.94! Need test kits? This is the perfect time to add one to your cart and take advantage of this fantastic deal. This deal is only available this month. You can also use your QLDAF discount code to make it an even bigger saving! http://www.thetechden.com.au/API_Freshwater_Master_Test_Kit_p/aph41.htm
  9. We would like to extend Australia Day and celebrate the Great Australian Manufacturers that we have by offering 10% off all their aquarium products they do. Starts now and finishes at the end of the month. Includes Supachlor dechlorinator and conditions and marine items - check it all out - world class products supporting jobs. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Celebrate_Australian_Manufacturers_10_Off_s/2377.htm
  10. Hi @Dragdog and welcome to the forum- we would be happy to organise a store credit for your missed discount. Please send Chelsea an email with your order number and she will get that all sorted for you. You can contact her on help@thetechden.com.au
  11. Most frozen foods that at imported into Australia have to be Gamma treated too if it is a overseas product..
  12. They would have to be Adults as the post is is from 2014
  13. Sadly most are overseas with the ADA one being one of the bigger comps - well world wide. It was good to help and hope there will be more to follow.
  14. We were fortunate enough to be asked to sponsor a Planted Tank competition run through Liverpool Creek Aquariums. The quality of the entries was astounding and we were blown away by the aquascapes being created around Australia. The Lucky winner received a $1500 prize pack containing: 1.Kessil Spectral Controller for A160 and A360 2.Kessil A160WE-AS Tuna Sun Freshwater Plant Spectrum 3.Aquael UniMax 250 Canister Filter 4. Aquael 9w Sterilizer UV 5. Easy-Life 500ml Easy Life Water Conditioner 6. Easy-Life EasyCarbo 250ml - EasyLife Liquid Carbon Co2 7. Easy- Life Fero 250ml - EasyLife - Iron-Fe 8.Easy- Life Potassium 250ml-EasyLife Potassium Plant Fert 9.(2 bags) Cal Aqua Lab Black Earth Premium Substrate 9lt 10. Cal Aqua Labs Multi-R 200ml Substrate Enhancer 11. Cal Aqua Labs Multi- R 200ml Substrate Clarifier 12. Cal Aqua Labs XR Green Base 2 Litres 13. $200 Plant Pack from Liverpool Creek Aquariums. We would just like to thank Liverpool Creek Aquariums for allowing us to be a part of this competition. We would also like to thank our fantastic suppliers that helped with the prizes and for all their ongoing support. We cannot wait to see what kind of competitions we will have in 2017! Check out the winner and some of the other incredible entries below!