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  1. Tropical super forte

    I was only speaking to Ravi today about Tropical. We will be stocking it and you will start seeing it uploaded in the upcoming weeks. There is a lot to put up.
  2. Hows this for a fish list?

    New fish just landed! We've got a wide range of new fish in our tanks, ranging from some monsters like the Saratoga Leichardti and Barramundi all the way down to nano species like Emerald Rasboras, Pacific Blue Eyes and Wild Caught Pygmaeus Corydoras. Come in and check out our Wild Caught Green Tefe and Wild Blue Discus! More new arrivals include Senegal Bichers, Uaru Cichlids, Red Hook Metynnis, Freshwater Sole, Sleepy Cod, Telescope Eye Orandas, Siamese Doll Telescope Eye Goldfish, Endler Guppy's, Galaxy Rasbora, Pygmy Perch, Peacock Gudgeon, Butis Butis, Espei Rasbora, Green Neon Tetra, Platinum Angels, Blood Parrots and many many more!
  3. Wild Blue and Wild Green Tefe Discus arrived today..

    Not at the moment - will pop up a list later of some nice fish we have but no apistos sorry.
  4. If you like your wild Discus they arrived today, we have a few in stock at the moment and before you say....I was hoping you had Heckels - Tuesday....
  5. Carib sea Eco complete

    If the supplier has stock we should receive it tomorrow or Monday.
  6. Look only if you have a FX4, FX5 or FX6 filter...

    You can control the flow. We have also used them with just a sump pump and works a treat.
  7. They are in and bigger than expected - they look really good too.
  8. Something in the water

    Hotter weather - less oxygen. Personally I would test the water your adding especially for Nitrites - not Nitrates - Nitrites.
  9. Question about sponsors

    I joined QLDAF 9 years ago as hobbyist and then as a sponsor and also as a moderator. I have not been here the longest. In that time I have seen QLDAF change in many many ways, I liked the nights of live chat and doing the rounds of LFS. I have met many many good people on here. Things change. People come, people go and a lot take a break and come back. One thing I have leaned - go with the flow. Enjoy it for what it is, enjoy the community. Don't look at things to seriously. Its not the sponsors that make QLDAF (we just pay for it) its the members that make QLDAF. You will make a lot of friends here that last a long long time - they are the things to concentrate on...don't worry about the incidentals, they are not important.
  10. Have some of these arriving tomorrow.
  11. Freshwater Sole...

    Looking for something a little different - freshwater sole...just arrived https://www.thetechden.com.au/Freshwater_Sole_In_Store_Pick_Up_Only_p/tf00014.htm
  12. Saratoga just arrived in store

    Just arrived in Saratoga approx 7cm - $150.00 https://www.thetechden.com.au/Saratoga_Leichardti_In_Store_Pick_Up_Only_p/tf00013.htm
  13. NorthFin Food has just arrived - 6 Star Rating by Oscarfish

    The good news is yes we have some samples but as there is only a limited amount. The samples will be available in store only at this stage for anyone interested in the food.
  14. New Life Spectrum is back!! New Stock, New Range, New Formula!

    It has been extremely difficult to get consistant stock of rapashy which is frustrating as we have only been receiving 25% of what we order of late.
  15. The absence has now been filled and a new formula has hit the shelves........NLS is BACK!!! Not only a new formula but there is a bigger range and we will be carrying all of it - still more to come on the website but here is what we have as we update the Gels, Dough Mix, Grow Powder and much much more... https://www.thetechden.com.au/New_Life_Spectrum_s/1895.htm?searching=Y&sort=7&cat=1895&show=40&page=1