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  1. Would anybody be interested in some L numbers if they were in the auction?
  2. Hi im chasing the last seller of the night who had heaps of items past in. If anyone knows him could you plz pm me. Thanks Brock
  3. Got my test results

    It can be easy to jump the gun. Ammonia poisoning is not a pretty way to go. Correct me if im wrong. But if you have algae growing on your glass I would've assumed you would have some level of nitrates in your tank?
  4. Got my test results

    If your getting a bristlenose i wouldnt bother cleaning the algea off the glass. Thats his job
  5. blown 6x2x18h

    6mm glass on a 6fter says it all. Would expect 10 minimum
  6. Tank idea

    Id get another oscar or maybe a red devil. Great pets. Lots of chatacter.
  7. Cycle period

    1500 lpm shouldnt be too much for a 3ft tank. Do as above but get your hands on a test kit from your local fish store. And maybe get some stability while your there and add that as per instructions. Id be guessing another 2 - 3 weeks to cycle your tank but without a test kit you wont know.
  8. Cycle period

    What filter are you using mate? Im no guru but what I would do is (assuming there are no fish in the tank) 1: turn the heater right up (32° - 34°) promoting bacteria growth. 2: continue to put food in the tank as if you were feeding your oscar (uneaten fish food becomes your tanks source of ammonia) 3: continue to test your water paremeters daily 4: even once ammonia and nitrites are not detected - I would continue to add food. Once you can turn a positive ammonia reading to a negative ammonia reading within a 24hr period then I would start to add fish or in your case the cray. Dont forget to turn the heater back down.
  9. canister filter question?

    Thanks for the replys. Looks like its back to the drawing board.
  10. canister filter question?

    Thanks. I have a 3 teir rack with no sump or bulkheads. Didnt really want 3 individual filters running.
  11. Has anyone triet to put a t junction on the pick up and return to run more than one tank??
  12. filtration

    Yea thought thatd be the case. Was hoping for a shorter turn over time
  13. filtration

    The old media went with the filters. Would you expect that it would build up the bacteria quicker in the filter because there is already nitrates present in the tank?
  14. filtration

    Hi all I have a cycled tank and sold the filters yesterday. I have just introduced a new eheim classic 600. The tank is 48*15*15 with no fish just substrate. Tested the water this morning with results: Ammo - 0ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 10ppm will contunue to test water daily and add small ammounts of fish food. Has anyone done this arse about way before? Would anyone know an estimate on the time to establish the new filter?
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