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  1. .Hi A freind of mine has saltwater fish tank and feeds Nori seedweed all the time can I feed this too my community tropical tank for a change already feeding zucchini ,peas,flakes,bloodworms ,algae wafers ,NLS Thera A. Thanks
  2. Great service Tech Den you should be proud of the service you provide your customers. I got my order today Thankyou just a quick question can I use supachlor that I received today to get rid of the bleach from purigen like I do with prime . Cheers Shark
  3. Thanks i wont do it i was thinking everytime i do a water change I will get air into my filters .
  4. Hi Just cleaning my 2217 filters and was wondering if hose ,tap or o'ring fails Im going to have a big mess i was thinking of drilling a little hole in the inlet tube about 2 inches below water level do you think this will work to stop the pump emptying the whole tank if something fails anyone ever tried this . Thanks.
  5. I brought one 3 weeks ago took it back last Saturday stopped working :noidea:got my money back .
  6. was he eating I noticed mine is very shy I put some algae wafers only when the lights are out at night he only seems to come out when it's dark .
  7. Thanks for your help I keep a watch on my nitrate levels and flow i have all the media that comes with eheim 2217 in them have 2 running not much wool on top .
  8. Thanks for everyone's help it's my favourite fish of the tank now can't wait till it grows a bit bigger .
  9. I'm not sure the shop just had plecostomus catfish on it don't think he even knew he couldn't tell me much about them asked how big he gets didn't know ,it's about 6 cm I got him for $29.95 not sure if that's expensive I say it's a sailfin he looks a lot like Heintz Avatar what type is that one.
  10. Hi Just wondering how do you know your filters need cleaning do you go by the flow slowing down or looking with a torch at your filter wool looking a bit brown . How dirty can you leave the filter wool before changing light brown or very dark brown before in effects the water. It's been 3 weeks since I cleaned my filters flow still strong the wool just got a light brown look to it should I clean them . Thanks
  11. Thanks but I pick one up first thing this morning first LFS I went too had them lol ,he likes staying behind the big rock hasn't come out yet he's only small but he will grow.
  12. Thanks now I start looking around the LFS haven't seen any might be a bit hard to find .
  13. I have 2 eheim 2217 so hope they will keep up with the extra load do you have other fish with him in the tank
  14. I go for one I think ,I seen your Avatar on other post thats what made me ask about them nice looking fish was he a good size when you got him .
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