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  1. I have rainbow fish also, I believe it's a result of bashing their mouth on glass. I notice that when my water level is high it didn't leave much room between the top of the water level and support beams on the glass so when I put food in eager fish go up at it hit the support beam coz I always hear thumping... I have since lowered the water level to give more room for them to go at the room at water level. It's much better now, also most cases they are left with white scars ... I would also suggest regular water change to prevent infection
  2. You have a automatic door from the pic? There should be a power point above the tank maybe use that multi on that. if you have it tank under the door when it opens stuff stuck to the door will drop into the tank if you open it, especially when it's been raining
  3. i thought you had to submit and DA or something with a proper arch drawings and all...:/ if you have bird crapping on your roof i wouldnt do rainwater collection with some sort of filteration
  4. dont you guys need permits for buildings in QLD?
  5. im a member on aquariumlife ive come here to seek more opinions as QLDAF has more active memebers even if it isnt amano i would love to know what type of shrimp it is
  6. Hi all im trying to ID shrimps i have brought ive been told by the seller that they are Amano Caridina Typus from Cairns can any resident native shrimp guru confirm that there is a caridina typus from cairns and can confirm that the shrimps i have are it thanks in advance sorry for the poor photo let me know if these photos are not helpful for ID i can try to get better ones
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  8. I use blue circle by boral Their supose to be the whitest pool sand u can get from my research Yeah make sure u rinse sand before use
  9. brought them from a guy who was getting out of fresh water
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  11. I'm going to ask the obvious This isn't your normal QLD man cave is it? Looks rather kinda commercial ?
  12. I've also heard people paint cover their concrete Although I'm not too sure if it's to do with heat or water resistance fixes
  13. eheim has pretty good combo for their stock media if your just thinking about it save your money and instead buy a extra 2nd hand filter instead more flow more filteration and maybe dump the internal filter its ugly and takes up tank space
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