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  1. I bought mine from Age of Aquariums, years ago, however its kinda of like a Lego assemble type egg crate (delivered to me in Sydney) - techden might be off assistance also.
  2. Thank You, I am using some sort of beach sand in the larger tank, however I may switch it over to whats in the 4x2 - Tahitian Moon Sand, it looks amazing. 100% underrated - I love watching them sift, hopefully I can get them breeding soon.
  3. Hi, Just sharing a picture of my male, picture was taken a few hours being put in the tank. I recently acquired 1 M 6 F and I have 5 Juvi's from a different bloodline (Queensland) growing up also . currently I have the group in a 4x2, watching how they are before moving into a 8x2x2
  4. cheers TD - will be getting them shipped to Sydney - It's bad enough you guys have all the good rugby league players, the least I could do is bring some of the fish down here haha
  5. Cheers, I did some more research and they look good thank you
  6. Hi Guys, Has anyone purchased any fish from Aquaholics Online, if so what was your experience like. I have ordered fish online from other retailers (not naming) and have received either poor quality and/or hybrids. Which is why I am fearful for ordering fish online. http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/about-us/
  7. I know a few people from Sydney, who bought Juvi's late 2013, however I haven't really seen them advertised or sold since then. I am after them to set up a single species tank and attempt to breed them for others to enjoy and preserve a beautiful fish, in the hobby.
  8. I haven't seen these since 2014. Is anyone breeding them consistently at the moment. I know a few people who had them at the time.
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