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  1. I thought it might be but not a 100% sure so i thought i would ask.
  2. I have a vid of it in motion but won't post.
  3. Hey just started to see my tank have some white fluff hair stuff attached within my hob then the next morning the thank was covered with it. I don't have a test kit anymore so I can't display my water quality. Just wondering if it can cause a problem or what caused it in the first place.
  4. Yea I'll check with him next time I'm in. But the funny thing is the tank is salted. So idk maybe just hair? The fish is doing fine after its short trip to Bolt's surgery clinic.
  5. No sorry cant see a picture at all. However, you can get colourless female guppies too. But if you have a rough idea how big a grown female guppy is, then if you female is smaller then its a endler but if not its a guppy. Sorry if this isnt much help just a bit hard with out a pic.
  6. Probs a guppy as my endler females have no colour
  7. I dont believe they are anchor worms but, when it was still in the fish it never moved nor grown any larger but had near perfect "L" bends at the ends.
  8. I don't have any before pics but have one of what I pulled out
  9. For about 2 months i had a female with a 2 string like anchors coming from its behind. I didn't do anything to fish as it never affected the fishes behavior nor affect any of the other fish. However, never saw it pop and with in that time it has physical signs of being berried/pregnant. So i took a gamble and caught it and got some tweezers and pulled it out. For the first 10mins it was hunched up like it was deformed but slowly straightening out. Now just staying in the shadows of the plants swimming normally (from what i can see). But i was wondering if anyone else has seen this before.
  10. I've got the pair legs they come standard. Hmm for features i can walk, run pretty far on stomach of red bull. Will be investing in a automotive in the near future as I am in my last schooling years but for the time being gonna stick with my drum sticks.
  11. That should work fine if your going to cycle new media.
  12. If it was me. I would put the new media with the old (if there is room), place it in a media bag next to the out let where there is lots of movement. However, suggestion no. 2 isn't a bad idea. But also just placing it in a bucket with ur tank water and a air stone directly under it. The oxygen will promote health bacteria and will grow faster if you leave in in the dark (place lid on bucket). I hoped this help
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