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  1. Ok, Thank you! It's on all day I just turn off at night, I leave my canister on 24/7 though.
  2. Oh ok, yeah it's more for looks I think, it probably does help the fish I guess? I've got it on during the day and just turn it off at night, the last time I checked it said my filter was suited for a 750l tank which mine is 650l? I've also it crushed coral, noodles and foam in my filter. Ive got the outlet facing the surface so it's defiantly moving the surface around...
  3. It's a 2200 filter some aqua one? Not sure... because the pumps vibrations annoy me and it's loud... and to save money on power why have it on during the night?
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to this website so not sure if this is where I'm meant to post? Though I have a question in regards to my air pump and air stone/tube... I've got a 6x2x2 tank and I'm wondering do I need to run an air pump/stone 24/7? Will the fish be ok if I turn it off over night? Ive only got 11x bristlenose ATM but I'm adding Africans shortly! Tanks only been running for 3 weeks... thanks guys
  5. White crane red for colouring cichlids! Heard it works really well for colouring them up within 2 weeks? What does everyone think about it
  6. Ok sweet, I feed NLS, might look at buying a brighter whiter light!
  7. Ok awesome!! Thank you so much ay! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Ok, awesome! I do feed them pretty well with new life's spectrum and a mix of other things, so you think lighting? I have a 4ft light with a single bulb its Aqua one, should I purchace a brighter white light?
  9. Have a lot of African CICHLIDs just wondering what are the best few ways to get the best possible colour out of all the cichlids I have! Would love to have a complete tank Full of amazing colourful cichlids!!! Thank you, Shan!
  10. Yeah good idea! I've heard you turn the light of for abit then drop them in when the cichlids have dozed off abit?
  11. Hey, I bought a pleco today, only a baby one around 10-12cm, I've got around 28 African cichlids, they keep taking the algae pallets I put in there for the pleco! How can I feed the pleco properly? Ha thanks!
  12. I wasn't sure where to put it, and don't know how much. I paid 600$ for it so I dunno
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