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  1. Thats true some do have it in the wild and yes some say its from a spirulina diet but when you buy one fish that has it and you put it in a tank with other fish that don't and never have had it and watch it spread to every other fish in the tank over a 12month period i think thats abit different to spirulina spots! The tropheus in the photo may not have the same thing but it looks just like what i saw a few years ago! mine started as a little tiny spot on one fish i thought was nothing.
  2. It wont go away and if you leave it in the tank it will spread to all the other fish! it wont kill them but it dosn't look good when every fish has it. Some fish i bought from a member on here turned up with it a few years ago and it spread to every other fish the only way to fix it is to cull the infected fish! if you get it early it may not spread. Hope that helps
  3. Try cichlidsdirect ive delt with them before with no hassles and a large range of fish.
  4. Hey does anyone have some photos of cyaneus? i just want to see some photos of them as adults and fry around 4 or5cm. Thanks chris
  5. Ok thats great info, everything i wanted to know plus some. thanks.
  6. Dont know how to do that but its on age of aquariums site under water agers. hope that helps.
  7. Hi, just been looking at a de-chlorinator online anyone seen or used one? If so what are they like? It said it does 9ltrs per min, and does 150,000 changes, sounds good but would like to here from someone that has one.
  8. Ok any others in mind or maybe upsize in the laguna? what are you running on yours?
  9. do you think the turnover will be enough runing at that head hight of 1.9m? just want to be sure before i order it.
  10. Hey anyone useing a laguna max flo 6000? if so how many litres is it running and how many tanks. Im thinking of getting one to run my setup of 8 x 4foot tanks with the top tanks at a height of 1.9m, will it do it you think? with 3x turnover. need some info please thanks. The 6000 does 5900lph, max head hight 3.5m
  11. Ive got 2 6x2x2's with split bases had them for 14 years now with no probs, better to have a little bit of give in the base.
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  13. Hi i have 9 standard 4ft tanks and want to set up a sump for them, How do i do this and what size sump and pump should i use? there are 3 tanks on each stand and are 3 high so im wanting to put them all along one wall. Thanks .
  14. Hi planing to stock the tank with around 20 demasoni will it keep it clean you think?
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