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  1. If got Clowns in there also but don’t think it’s anything to do with them, one female is still holding and other spat them(eggs) out,I’ve been told to strip and tumble but haven’t really looked into it but think I will, thanks for your help
  2. Hi, I have 2 male and 2 females in a 5-2.5-2 ft, the females have had a mouthful but always spit them out is this normal as they are young ,their around 4-5 inch,should I take the less dominant male out?, anyone have any advice it would be appreciated,Brett
  3. I have a small colony of Chisumulae and would like to add another species that wouldn't crossbreed, Mpanga would be what I'd like to add , would these but okay if not what others would be and also want fishes around same size
  4. Thanks for your help, I have a few problems with water parameters and this is probably the cause, so onto it thanks again
  5. Yes I was chatting with Butch today and the male I was trying to get photo of looks more like a Zebra shape than Yellows I've had before, I think I'm going to move them on and get better quality from a breeder than buying from local stores, thank you
  6. I've bought a few of these and thinking they might be hybrids, this make in photo is long and thinner shape and doesn't look right, also have a few others that have a blackish bar running horizontal and never seen this before, any help would be appreciated
  7. Hi, I bought some fish from a local shop and now all my fish are doing scratching in the tank, how do I fix this?
  8. Hi, I've recently bought 9 Rusty's and 5 Chisumulae, they are around 5cm but a few of the Rusty's are bigger and are definitely male,do females of these fish have eggspots?,can anyone help please,Brett.
  9. Hi,I'm setting up my tank, it 5x2.5x2 ft and asking if I could put Princess,Daffodil and Helianthus together.Been told they may cross breed but I have no interest in selling any fish if that happens,just like the look of these fish,can anyone help please
  10. Thanks mate,thinking about buying some Crane,fish will look great.
  11. When you say pool sand I'm not sure it's what I'm using,I have pool filter sand,which is like very fine gravel.
  12. I grabbed it from local pool shop,20kg bags for $11.
  13. I have pool sand & it is good,but yes give it a good clean as I thought I had it but made water go Brown in colour for while.
  14. I thought I was buying a Nice male Benga,but now she has eggs to a Freibergi,I've learnt a bit more so thanks for the help.
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