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    I've had fish tanks for a few years although they have been marine setups, I'm looking at getting back into the African cichlids
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    African cichlids

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  1. Hey guys looking at setting up an American cichlids tank, wanting Geophagus, fire mouths or similar type cichlids and plecos what’s available in the Hervey Bay Area?
  2. Hey guys I’m setting up a new Display tank in our new house I currently have a 3x2x2 setup but want a 5x2x2 display tank what’s available preferably steel stand and display style cabinets with sump
  3. Hi guys I've recently bought a new house and am looking for a display tank to show case in my living area. I'm looking for a nice around 5ft display tank with enclosed cabinet and hood. If anyone is thinking of upgrading or downgrading, please let me know. As it's a display tank the emphasis is on a nice cabinet and hood. I've been looking on gumtree and eBay for a nice set up but just can't find one nice enough for a display tank. Im going to fill it with cichlids more then likely a Frontosa colony. Thanks in advance