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  1. Man it looks neat as! Well done, can't wait to see it all in action!
  2. All filled!! Fish are in!! Looks good, just need some lighting and make a few minor adjustments and should be smooth sailing. Now for the next phase of the fish room
  3. I had 12 people help lift it which made it way too easy. Will be stocked with Rays and other large exotics eventually, atm I will be moving all be americans in so I can redo their tank. Rum flags are just hanging in the wall, it's not meant to be the background, I have left the end and both long sides open for complete viewing. The missus is going to make up a backdrop for photo time etc if needed
  4. ok, finally a bunch of photos. I cant wait to finish it all off... note I broke my hand days before the pickup of the 12ft tank. Feel free to ask any questions
  5. So the big girl is in place, just waiting on the final cooling off on the tank and on Wednesday it will be getting filled! All the bottom tanks and sump are running. I'll upload photos tonight after I shrink them so they will upload haha
  6. So the first lot of tanks are home safely and installed, I'll upload pics once I get a chance to jump on the pc. First tanks are: 1100x500x7600 k1 sump followed by a 2300x500x7600 sump filtration unit. And three display tanks at 1100x600x7600 that have a black vinyl base and blue vinyl back and sides. Plumbing this week, wish me luck haha
  7. To start with I'll be moving all my yanks into it, and bass,gg,caties etc. then I'll rebuild the sump on my 8x2x3 and put on blue vinyl, removing the old black vinyl. Then once that is complete I'll be moving them back. The only fish that will stay is going to be my gg, pbass, catfish and plecos, my polleni, bocourti, Pearsie, Escondido, and argentea. Then I'll move my ray pups in aswell. They will be housed in one of the bottom tanks until big enough to go up top
  8. Yeah bro it's gonna be a mission, well worth the time, money and effort once it's in and my fish go in!!! Can't wait, it's going to be a pretty neat setup
  9. So I pick up my tanks this Saturday!! Yes I know it's been a drawn out process but that is from Variuos reasons. All that matters is the ship is again moving, should be all running within two weeks!!
  10. Still waiting haha!! Hope it's not too far away.........
  11. Also it's 12mm glass, 15mm is killer expensive haha
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