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  1. my tradeys at work said 3.5kw should be fine aswel, i can afford bigger sizes but i dont want to go over the top as since the room is sealed and insulated pretty well the room will be holding heat pretty well and the aircon shouldnt be working all that much so getting one to big will will be a waste of money
  2. hey guys i moved house so im building in one half of my shed and turning it into a fish room, i am insulating the whole room and using fibro as the walls, the room will be fully seeled so just wondering what size reverse cycle aircon units people have in there room or if someone who knows about ac units it would be alot of help, my room is 6m(L),3m(W) and 2.4M(H),
  3. what do people class as the best colour frontosa's? i do like the zaire blue but ikola also look nice, also what is classed as the rarest? after my fish room is built i have a 6ft tank waiting for some fry,
  4. hey mate um im not to sure, firstly are we meeting at a point or is one person driving to the others house. obviously i would prefer you to come here but i have no problem at all meeting you at a point or depending on where you live delivering them to you. as for a date i work all this week until 3 but coud maybe do something after work on thurs or something?

    just another option i am willing to sell the other decent size 201's (3cm or close) for 70ea if you want to buy a few more. possibly 60ea for 10

  5. hi alex when we gonna do the swap


  6. what is used to drill the holes? and special piece for glass?
  7. i dont believe so or if they have they arent saying so, their tank would need to be pretty big also due to there adult size.
  8. what dimensions is the 6foot? i have a 6x2x2.5 but thought that would be to small for a motoro
  9. i agree with tech den. i have a colony of adults and they are little fat things,
  10. at this temp it would work the heater pretty hard to keep a decent temp,although with filtration it will help alot for spreading the heat.
  11. nice fish, i have a 6x2x2.5 with L's in it but thinking of moving them to breeding tanks and having a tank with bigger fish like these, whats there aggression like? do they dig like americans? also would they attack a motoro ray? i think thats all the questions lol
  12. rex do you use water straight from the tap? i settle my water with prime in a 1000L water drum for atleast a few days before i use it for a water change, but i hav always wondered if i need to age my water, i have heard people used to do it awhile ago due to the quality of tap water . is this still the case or is the water better quality now
  13. i kept and bred calvus and only had calcium carb or crushed coral as my substrate and just a sponge filter, i didnt use any water buffers or anything other than prime, i used to age my water for a week with prime and a airstone in it before i did any water changes but im not sure if that would affect them if you didnt do that, sucks they are slow growers, nice fish though
  14. i could be wrong but i dont thing hyp contradens have a number as they are only classified a L number until they are assigned a name
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