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  1. Ellioti photos

    I have five in there and yes the fork was for veges lol
  2. Ellioti photos

    Ellioti pictures in the breeding tank
  3. calico or marble?

    I have two bred from a common bristlenose.
  4. Hi guys is this guy a L169? I have another that is much lighter in appearance with the same markings I will try and get a photo of that one also.
  5. Thankyou for the quick reply Id to all who helped Cross reference with google research has confirmed SPeckled HARDY and Western Carp Gudeon confirmed Are these both legal to keep otherwise back to the river they will go cheers
  6. Plant Id please

    Whats this guys Cutting off my larger one in community tank.
  7. [attach=config]61019[/attach][attach=config]61020[/attach] and these ones for id out of the same river system thanks guys
  8. What is this fish out of local creek in caboolture?
  9. Albino common

    Two albino common won at caboolture auction night
  10. Throwback common colour

    Will be putting them in a tank of there own with male see what happens!
  11. Have two off these guys just appeared in a new batch one day pink light colouration!
  12. Name this algae?

    What's this growing on my plants driftwood and caves?