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  1. I tested it on my 8x2x700 with a 5x18x18 sump total of 1200lt I got a 10000lph pump turned it on for 1min and it pumped 35lt of water out of the last chamber 35x60 is 2100lt of water per hr
  2. How many time are people turning there water over per hr I have recently done a test on one of my systems and was shocked to find out i was only turning it over twice per hour when i thought i was getting at least 4x per hr
  3. Yeah im a fan of black the bottom of the tank will have black vinal jus thinking if the background was black as well will be to much
  4. Get my 8x3 this week and still haven't decided on what color to paint the back off it in it will be a bare bottom tank and the bottom will be black will black background be to much
  5. I have kept all kinds of fish and aquatic animals over the years From turtles to mangrove jacks ,Americans and Africans and the search is over i have now found the type that i cant see myself not keeping freshwater stingrays Name the fish that you cant see your self not having
  6. Also the stumpyness haha if thats even a word seemed to go and he looked like a normal oscar
  7. I inherited a tiger oscar a while back wich was 2 yr old and was kept in a 2ft tank and around 18cm looked like all stumpy but after being put in a 8x2x2 it grew real fast and I mean fast probly 10cm in 7-8 weeks and became top dog of the tank his tank mates were a 45cm Saratoga Jardini and 3 40cm pecock bass was just a bit curious to see what experiences others have had
  8. If a fish has been stunted is it permanent ?
  9. I know this has been probably been talked about before but what's the difference in having your bakki under a drip tray (shower setup ) to having it fully submerged is the bacteria that grows on it better ? Can it brake down ammonia faster ?
  10. Im using jebao not bad for the price thats why i bought 2 one for a back up
  11. Looking at getting a steel stand made sunshine coast Brisbane area recommendations anyone
  12. 0409768686 send us a text ive got a 15cm jack I might part with
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