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  1. Thanks for the great advice none. Will start cutting down feeding to once a day over the next couple of months and every second day in the final weeks for them to adjust. I already ruled out the auto feeders. Can't find one that feed alternate days. They are all daily and I have a closed tank with hood etc. Will surely get in touch when I get back as I do want to add a bit more colour to the tank. Too many yellows now (breeding )..
  2. That's great. I think I have my fish tank issue sorted. Thanks everyone
  3. No water change for 4 months and no fish lost gives me some confidence to keep my fish and get someone to feed and top up water Peter M. Don't think my house sitter will find it too difficult topping up water. Some great tips. Thanks guys!
  4. any particular brand/model you recommend Soarer? I never owned one as I heard stories of them failing to feed or over feed etc. Thanks inkevnito - if they have a spare tank and can look after them, all will be sorted. x fingers.
  5. I haven't asked the LFS if they will just look after them. Didn't think of that. Will call them to check. I've never been away this long so didn't have to worry in the past. Cutting down on feeding will keep the house sitter happy too. Thanks for the suggestions
  6. Hi everyone, I need your advice and/or suggestions please. I have a 4ft African Cichlid tank (Mbuna) with about 20 fish of various sizes upto 15 to 20cms of electric yellows, blues, Red empress, Red zebra etc. I will be going overseas for about 7 weeks early December and I am unsure what to do with my fish. I thought about two ideas: 1. Get my house sitter to feed my fish every second day and get aquarium service people to come in and do a clean every fortnight (cant trust house sitter to do water changes etc) i think they charge around $30 for a water change. or 2. Give all the fish back to my local pet shop and get a store credit and buy New fish when I come back. The only problem with this is is they value the fish as next to nothing like $10 bucks each when they sell a tiny thing at $30 each when I did this year's ago. Is there another option? What did you guys do? Really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks folks. Rick.
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