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  1. I was only the goffer, my husband is an ex panel beater, and a bit of a perfectionist. He made the drawings and built the cabinet. I just told him what I wanted.
  2. Finished Cabinet, lights come on individually when doors are opened, slide out draw for easy access to food and ferts, 2 x 4 plug power packs on each side
  3. New Cabinet in and set up and going, Lights come on automatic when individual doors are opened, Have a pull out shelf for easy access to food and Ferts, have 1 x 4 plug power packs on each side, so can run all the equipment
  4. Hi Stefan The canister is under the cabinet at the moment, are looking at maybe shelves on draw runners easy access. Just up to interior lights at the moment
  5. The drawing plans made on Sketch Up, and amount of wood worked out from the plans. The timber purchases and being measured twice before cutting. Up to the doors and hinges, then mounting Lighting Work in progress
  6. Original Cabinet was soaked when the Aqua One decided to leak Cupboard door and side panel have swollen, Have taken out Filter and left in bucket to empty every night till new filter arrives
  7. Hi Stefan Cant find the leak its from the seal area of the motor head, I think from possibly the power cord, have pulled apart again, still no luck still leaking. there has been a delay on the new canister, wont get here till next week, I have to empty the bucket twice, Once in the morning and again before I go to bed. and top up the aquarium every 2 days, now I have to also get my husband to make me a new cabinet as well, as my existing cabinet has swollen from the first lot of leaking. We are going to make the same style, as the existing Aqua one cabinet but out of hard wood, and I can reconfigure the interior, hopefully will start this weekend.
  8. Thanks for that Stefan Have ordered a fluval 306, awaiting arrival to cairns, in the meantime, I have to keep empting buckets of water from the leaky aqua one canister
  9. Thanks Stefan I used vasoline to lube up the O-rings, and have taken the filter apart numerous times, and taken out extra media as well. I will take out the large o-ring and replace it again tonight, and try again. I was leaning toward the larger Fluval as you stated, the 206 is only rated for a 200 litre, should always go bigger. For the pipe work, what I can work out is the Fluval 306 pipes are 17mm and the Aqua one are 16/22 mm, now this doesn't make any sense to me, but google is my friend, and I have found, that other people said it should work, but to use hose clamps as well.
  10. Also is it possible to use the existing Aqua one Aquis 1200 hoses and output connections, as I have modified my trickle filter to be able to use a conister
  11. Hi all My Aquis 1200 Aqua one canister, just crapped itself after a cleaning, wont stop leaking, even after, I changed all the O-rings possible. Looking at changing brand, as the Aqua one was only 3 years old. I have a Ar980 aqua one aquarium about 200 litres, looking at the Fluvals, but not sure which one the 206 for 200 litres, or go the next model up 306? Any imput would be greatly appreciated
  12. Thanks mlaser, could you send some photos, I have also converted to canister, but also run the outlet through the trickle filter as well to get extra polish
  13. Thanks for that Jc12, sent them a query.
  14. hi All Has anyone done a light conversion on a Aqua One AR 980 at he moment I'm running 1 x 36 inch Led Tube 5000K (unknown) 1 x 36 inch Aqua one sunlight 13 w Led 1 x 30 inch Aqua one tropical 25 w Fluro tube what to upgrade to LEDS that will grow medium to advanced plants, on a budget and would like to keep the hood have attached photos of the hood with the lights and fittings, have looked at Fluval Eco And Aquasky and Aqueal, but the Led to T8 conversion fitting is different to the slots I have for my Fluros, I live in Cairns and Its hard to Understand what I'm looking at on the internet, Help and guidance would be appreciated.
  15. Hi liquid nice tubes, where did you get them, looking into updating my Aqua one AR980 from Fluros to leds, want to be able to just slot them in. Interested in your tubes, am looking for planted aquarium.
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