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  1. Hey guys I'm looking for some purple spotted gudgeons around 5cm as well as a freshwater archer fish around the same size, any help would be greatly appreciated btw I am able to travel locally but if further than brisbane I would have to have them posted at my expense of course.
  2. Haha the urge is always there for more I got a 3ft tank that im thinking of doing with native predators with some java miss and Fern with a bunch of drift wood
  3. Hey guys I'm looking for a few small bullroat for my tank, just wondering if anyone has any or knows of some one with some in located in caboolture and can travel locally.
  4. I miss these auctions but my wallet doesnt haha
  5. Hey there guys and girls, I've been a member for a while and have not been keeping fish unfortunately, but I pick up my first tank in 8 years in 2 days and I'm stoked cant wait to fill it with so natives
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