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  1. Yeh caught in Beecher creek, So will mine grow to look like the photo above? Oh true i never thought to try pikes crossing.
  2. Anyone know what species of Rainbow this is?
  3. Here are a few of my fish, sorry bout the poor ipad quality photo
  4. Here is one of my rainbow fish approx 10cm long. Any idea's what species of rainbow it is?
  5. Thanks for the info guys, I have my purple spotted gudgeons in a tank with Rainbows and Empire gudgeons, they all get along well. Maybe u guys can help me identify what type of Rainbows I have
  6. I caught them in a creek just outside gladstone, I have read that southern ones are endangered. Plenty of them in Beecher creek.
  7. Hi all, can any one id these as to whether they are northern or southern spotted gudgeons? Thanks
  8. Hi guys, not sure if these pics uploaded properly. I have purple spotted gudgeons in my tank, is anybody able to id them for me as to whether they are northern or southern purple spotted gudgeons? Thanks
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