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  1. .Where would i go to buy live foods for baby axolotls, an online shop that posts in australia would be best or anything in queensland cheers guys.
  2. .After any Adult axolotls, name your price and i should be able to pick up or meet somewhere for extra money. anywhere from brissy to sunshine coast, Kilcoy, Kingaroy, Nanango area. feel free to text or email me if you know of anyone wanting to sell any. Cheers Ty
  3. .Hey, I've got numerous axolotls in a six foot tank, looking at breeding them but im not quite sure what sort of plant axolotls like. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions and/or knows of any places to buy these plants from. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Tyzy
  4. Hey, im looking at buying a 6ft fish tank stand and accessories for axolotls. i would prefer if the tank was fully setup with filters, sand, rocks and plants ect so i can pick up and basically fill it up and put in my axolotls. any help would be much appreciated and if you know of someone wanting to sell please let me know. price is negotiable so send me a price with a few pices and ill get back to you. will pick up in brisbane, sunny coast and gold coast, or south burnett area (or withing reasonable distance). Cheers.
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