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  1. Does anyone selling RO water and can delivery to caboolture 4510? Im looking for 200L cheers
  2. Full white SVR 80$ brisbane caboolture pickup Panda Oranda, young male 90$ brisbane caboolture pickup Full white ranchu male (80$) Super red female svr. 65$
  3. Yup. Im ordering a 9L malaya now thanks
  4. Yup. Im ordering a 9L malaya now thanks
  5. Hi brent. How is it going. Havent hear anythin from ya in last 2 3 weeks
  6. I dont hold any tvr atm. Atm i got some very nice lionchu and buffalo head ranchu. are you going to breed your tvr ?? As you got on hand some very nice bloodline ....... If i can get some of the bbr or cbr. I'll definetly sale some of my fish to get space for them ..
  7. I mean Living*. Do u used facebook ?? If yes please let me added you á a friend.
  8. Mate i live in brisbane. I just saw your post of TVR then i created this thread and waiting for your comment. Woho thanks god. One of my good friend ( ranchu jeff) said there is a Huge hobbiest with tvr miving in brisbane. I am so honour to have a converstation with ya
  9. Also the Lionchu their wen must growing all over the head, front and eyes area. With ranchu, more on the horn and middle head. Not the eyes
  10. For me. Lionchu and ranchu(sideview) just a diffirent name to defined the Head growth on ranchu. With Lionchu the wen must really big, also cover the eyes. With ranchu it shouldnt cover the eyes. I am not good with explaination as writen haha.
  11. I feel like i am the only one who interested it topview ranchu. Does anyone that live in brisbane and may or have some tvr that is for sale ?? .
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