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  1. Yeah. I guess I might have a look at them when I go there to pick them up From allboutthebass
  2. I've got a 4ft on hold, these fish are living together in a 6ft tank with 3 others. And I can add hiding holes. From allboutthebass
  3. Would it be ok to put a green Texas and a male terror together? From allboutthebass
  4. I'm really excited to get the terrors. And the allboutthebass is a signature on tappatalk From allboutthebass
  5. Haha yeah. Well I'd rather get the advice now than too late down the track. I think I might go for a male. And leave the female. There only 15cm. So I'm not sure when they mature but I'm guessing the latest will be soon From allboutthebass
  6. Oh no. If I was unhappy with your response is say so. I'm thankful for your advice. The terrors (x3) are living with a Texas and jack damsey. So I would've thought they'd be ok with tank mates. And id rather not kill my blue eyes. So I'm thankful for the warning. From allboutthebass
  7. Wow what a good looking fish. I'd be happy with one. I was after a fish that has a big personality and is a little cranky. I would get a mangrove jack but no room for it. From allboutthebass
  8. Yeah. Well I wanted a big aggressive fish. I don't have to put the blue eyes in with them. I really like the look of the terror and the Texas. But I haven't really looked at many damseys. From allboutthebass
  9. Yep. The guy that I'm gonna buy them of. Has a jack damsey and a green Texas. Can anyone tell me what there like? And if they become to aggressive whilst breeding Should I just get different fish like a green terror and a Texas or damsey? But they've gotta be able to live with some blue eyed cichlids From allboutthebass
  10. Hmm ok. And that's a nice size. Well I'll keep googling I guess From allboutthebass
  11. Oh ok. Will they still breed with the other terrors? Or is that making hybrids? There a decent size, smallest is 12cm and the biggest is 15cm. What's the biggest they get? (Tried googling it. Couldn't find it). From allboutthebass
  12. Yeah I was thinking so. And he reckons it's a terror. Not sure. I'll try and get better picks off him. From allboutthebass
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