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  1. how does carbon dozing works? [MENTION=5455]Donny[/MENTION]
  2. Hi guys! Its almost 1 month after... I guess I have both males... Thank you very Much! Cheers! Donn
  3. Thank you very much! Is sibling alright for breeding? Or its better for me to get another FH or Blood parrot? Thank you very much Donn
  4. This is awesome thread... its time to hunt some free tanks on gumtree lol... and make myself busy... hahaha Thanks Mike. Keep it up!
  5. Hi... they are 5 months old around 4 inches to 5 inches
  6. Hi... lets just say its right is female. is it normal that they are fighting? If right is male, same gender fight?>
  7. Greetings! How to tell the gender? Thank you very much Donn
  8. Here are some picture. Can I ask Question along the way? 1. Why is that they are always fighting?
  9. .Greetings! Please Help. I need to know the gender of my Flower Horn Thank you very much Donn
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