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  1. HI Darren,

    after some more male gups & cherries if you have any available at present, let me know can pick up this weekend if suits,

    cheers, Denis

  2. You'll hardly see many guppies there because they get snapped up before they even get out of quarantine. Most people pre-order theirs when Jodi plans for the next shipment. So if you want a particular strain, you have to let her know then.
  3. Goldpisces.com Aquabid.com These will cover nearly all the strains you'll ever see in Australia.
  4. This is only a handful of what's out there! Good to see someone from Canada visiting this forum!
  5. your inbox is full

  6. Maybe try reducing the water level?
  7. Neon blues and red tuxedos? I think I even see a german white tux and some half blacks? Thanks for sharing the photos...I totally know how you feel about trying to take good photos of these little guys!
  8. Yes! Check out the photography section too! http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/guppy-photos-42381/
  9. Which colour specifically? I know there are members here with moscow blacks and moscow reds.
  10. Location doesn't really matter. Just that some strains are given different names in different countries, although they are genetically similar.
  11. Have you got a colony of these? How do you find breeding RREAs?
  12. Heaps of photos here...figured I'd post the link rather than all the pictures again... http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/guppy-photos-42381/index5.html#post387698
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