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  1. Geese, they must grow up quick although there size doesn't tell!
  2. 3rd picture looks like a female to me, tail has no color, and the top fin isn't long.
  3. So how many pellets a day for one at 7cms, I mean Marron when he's bigger btw (I lack info)
  4. How big will a Leichardti grow? How quick is it's growth rate? How many times does it need feeding at 7 centimetres? Will it be ok to feed it 1 pellet a day for 2 weeks? What are some nice small fish that'll go with it? (Preferably from Fitzroy River) Will some large Marron go with it, or will it take advantage of the Marron when moulting? Is a 6 by 1.5 by 1.5 suitable? If not, will it attack the Marron out of the blue, and it get attacked by the Marron ? Thanks in advance!
  5. So, bought a Leichardti Saratoga and all my fish are going as in, Gobies my mum wants, Barra is getting sold, haven't decided on Tinky (my tandanus). Going to cycle the 6 foot and put the lei in, and put some rainbows in as well. Here he is: They had lei's at this size (7 cm) for $150 and this was $95 at Robs aquariums Malaga. Also had one 20 cm lei for $200 there that was sold. Still a lot of 7cm ones left for anyone interested in Western Australia - Perth.
  6. Yes!!!!!!! I used to like them then found out they aren't "minnows" and are noxious and aggressive. Nasty buggers have filled our local lake. Who do I tell about them?
  7. So, I go fishing with my father sometimes, and he catches big rays sharks mulloway and sometimes sand whiting. I usually catch the sand whiting, and was wondering: can they be converted to freshwater or close to it, and how long would it take. This is the tank I would plan to put it in with the Barra. Note it is murky because the sand Is settling.
  8. Western Australia's border restrictions SUCK.
  9. I'm in Western aus. Just joined cause all the advice and stuff.
  10. I've put some river sand in, and it's starting to clear up although that's not all the sand. I'm getting a nautilus 2700 canister filter as well.
  11. Looked into bass, can't find them anywhere, I don't think my parents would let me do a brackish tank as I'm 11 although I'd love to with the Barra, mangrove driftwood, other brackish fish, plus, I have to sell the 4 foot now so I have to put the other fish in it and I'm not selling my beloved Tinky tandanus. Lol
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