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  1. the big one looks like a hybrid with 1 of the clowns x with a one of the zebras marks on the face are different to l 271 and way out there with L169 and L080 just my two bobs worth
  2. most def male the female sometimes has a small moe but never bristle on the bridge of the nose
  3. hi and welcome a board,if you ever have an aquatic question that goes unanswered on the form then its either got nothing to do with keeping fish or plants or its so new to the hobby that you're the first to think of it or your the only one that knows about it Anyway if you like neons tertas for their color and not just their cheap price tag go for cardinals they cost a little more but worth every bit. slightly larger fish with much bolder red and blue colouring cheers Paul [
  4. The 5 that were sellingvon here last year were up in rocky . Think he was asking 500 for the lot
  5. Line breeding is the only way you can do it and as stated above, they only keep the redest calicos to breed with. Its called selective breeding, its done everyday with just every domestic animal there ,there's no secret too it,look at the poor goldfish they come with new odd balls eveyday by continually line breeding. First you find fish that show 1 or more of the traits your wanting in you creation. Such things as fin size body body size colour and so on,not then overtime selectively line breeding the off spring of down the generation until we end up Creating the gene pool of a new variation that breeds true to form of the parent fish
  6. you can get jars of bbs ready to go Steve at fishchick sells it $25 a jar for memory ment to be pretty good
  7. get a bottle of fluke and worm tablets, Blue planet does a bottle of 30 its not cheap at $30 a bottle but cheaper than buying new fish. When animals ,including us,get a bad case of worms,they stop eating and become very weak and slow moving,until the worm multiply to such a great number that the gut pops and the fish bloods out from the inside,that white stringy stuff would be worm eggs and their **** the fish ain't eating for its self its eating for its worm farm.Not having any aeration in the tank wouldn't of helped things either,they would of be stressed out not having enough air,then the worms on top of that. Poor ****ers mate your best friend and source of info is your lfs.i you would of gone to one of the many in the know pet shops around Brissy you may of been able to save your Angel with a couple of crashed tablet. I f you had a spike big enough to kill your female all your fish would be belly up
  8. That's cause it is a l 397. Blind man Freddy would can tell the difference between yellow and brown
  9. yes it do look good don't it and so simple to good job mate As for the dpi part of the thread ,you'll find it only when you are taking fish shrimp even plants from a said waterway that the species bag limit comes it to play. correct me if i'm wrong but it only says you can't sell your catch as cash profit,put simple you can do as you please with your catch,eat it, swap it for goods ,or simple give it to the neighbors,other than than as long as you got council are happy you can grow out and breed anything in your back yard quite legally as long as you can show where your brood stock came from my 2 bob cheers Paul
  10. then you should feed them to the Oscars at your lfs theres enough mungral breed Africans out there as it is awhile back I was in a shop and 1 of the display tanks had bejing sunrise in it but when you look at them straight in front of the tank they're got blueberrys dots everywhere under the yellow Its their only con really the fact that they X-breed like dogs and cats other than that they got some of the most vibrant colours of all the freash water fish Africans should be keep in species tanks or if mixed 1 sex to a tank my two bobs worth cheers paul
  11. If your wanting to experiment with lava rock try pumer stone the grey stuff its none toxic ,porous and cheap free if you live near or visit the right beach though might send the ph up but good for Africans rift valley lakes just a thought
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