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  1. benjamin will you please call me to arrange pick up of those airstones .thanks mark

  2. happy birhtday mate long time no chat hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. sorry to read this rose i know i am a bit late but i only just saw the post . your big tank was a fantastic looking tank with beautiful big natives and i feel for you . i am now going to go and try to find my test kit and check my water as well as i havent checked any of my tanks or the taps in ages and i have been playing around with water changes and rebuilding my display tanks for the last few weeks . i havent lose any fish but i am still very worried about all the reading that have been coming in from all around brisbane. keep your head up rose you have the spunk to bounce back from this and restock your tanks again with beautiful native fish and catties. mark
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  5. yes ryan and marc yours do look exactly the same as you both have flames from me as do several other on here and as waltec and ac said they are fantastic fish could also be a astatolapia brownae. yes they are the same fish steve let me know if you want some i have heaps and good sizes mark
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  7. definately maingano it is not a johannii or a electric blue mark
  8. welcome aboard hope you enjoy your self here
  9. thats what i would have thought to that they would treat it as it is used not while it is in the dam so that just doesnt sound right or correct but hey i might be wrong but i dont think so jmo mark
  10. yep koolfoam randal st slacks creek run parralel to moss st they are very cheap and you can get what ever size you want sorry dont know the phone number but it is right down the end of the street it is a dead end street hope that helps mark
  11. welcome and enjoy your stay it is a fun place mark
  12. yer chris i think it could be a good thing but as jenny pionted out it could shock newbies in to thinking what the .... have i gotten myself into so maybe revamp it a bit and yer maybe reword a few things . but i think it would hepl out most people new and old sometime the more you know the harder it is to work out cause you forget to look at the basics and always look for the wierd things but i say sticky it mark
  13. welcome and have fun while you are here we all do mark
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