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  1. Will the rainbow cichlids i got off wickky, feather fin and b/n be suitable.
  2. how much do you need i will have some soon that you can have
  3. I would like a couple geos, and i dont have to worry about the oscar,jd or the green terror they more than likely wouldnt care its the convicts lol, my 20cm oscar is terrified of them.
  4. I see, ive got a oscar, green terror,jd and a breeding pair of convicts in the six foot so i dont know what i will do. i will have to have a think about
  5. Should get some winey gum man!
  6. Unfortunately not, the two tanks are actually the same volume 360 ltr, so there would be no difference unless the extra length would be a benefit? would that be the case?
  7. Can some people give me some advise on keeping earth eaters.. like substrate, food, best filter media, tank mates,they would be going into a 4ftx2ftx50cm tank, i have 2 rainbow cichlids 2 x long fin bn 2 x albino long fin bn and 1 feather fin cat which can be moved into my six foot if needed how many would be suitable in this tank?. I was looking and Geophagus sp. "Tapajos Orange Head" and Geophagus sp. "Rio Branco" or if there is others people recommend.I will want to buy some in the next few months. Any help would be greatly appricated. cheers mick
  8. I know where i can get a 3ft so i might give that a go. Thanks agian
  9. Thats another good idea, the two sumps i have are not huge so i will have to do some tests on the depth of the pick up. thanks for the help everone Mick
  10. The only thing with Siphoning is if the power goes out it will keep siphoning and but not pump out of the sump most likely over flow the sump, I can get around this with a solenoid valve that closes when the power goes out i can get some through my work but it means spending more money.
  11. Yeah i thought so, didnt really want to but, i will try to find that thread then. thanks
  12. Thanks, i will try to work something out. I now have another question, is there a way to plumb the sump with out drilling holes in the tank, or do i have to use 2 pumps for pick up and return?
  13. Cool thanks for that, i was thinking pvc was the go. The company i work for deals in this sorta stuff so it will be easy for me to get. Thanks again. Mick
  14. Just wondering what materials, in the way of fittings and pipe everyone is using to plumb sumps(pvc, nylon etc) Any help would be great. Cheers Mick
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