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  1. Na man I've got heaps already u got any pics if yours so I can see
  2. Hey peeps just wondering what people's set ups are with americans in 8 foot tanks. What substrate do people use, has anyone got any good places to buy a.brand new one I'm thinking of staphire front on it. Any info. Amd pics would be appreciated
  3. Well I put in some.gravel.i got with a . fish a while ago and it made water really murky there wasn't that much I was surprised it made the whole tank go cloudy next day I got.up.fish were dead well not.all but a.few amd the tank was worse than the night before. I just left it over night thought the filter would clean it up but it didn't. I've emptied tank out amd it really stunk like worse than death smell it's all that changed was that gravel. So what should I do just rinse or chcik it ?
  4. Anyone out there got a small jack for sale for under 100 bucks
  5. Hey peeps I've recently lost some fish to bacteria in some sand I put in was just wondering if I can just rinse out the filter and media and reuse it or do I need to boil it or get new stuff I have thoroughly rinsed it just wondering if I can use it on another tank
  6. Na I'm just wondering he is good with other one but would.be nice to have natives and americans in one tank I'm actually after a.huge tank anyone got.one for sale
  7. Really so a.smaller jack.i have seen jacks in with them before and living lol
  8. Ok cool what are the chances of putting in a mj with him that's bout 30cm
  9. Ok cool how big would they have to be ? Can u put smaller agressive fish in with a barra that's 2 foot in length and got an even bigger appetite lol. There is a.smaller one in with him it just sits in the corner most of the time I was wondering if I could put like 1 foot americans in there as well what are your thoughts
  10. Thanks dude u are so wise the Lil dovii is still doin really well to btw :-)
  11. I don't think a 1 foot dovii flowerhorn or oscar would stand a chance against this guy it's the beast
  12. I have a 2 foot barra and want to move him to a bigger tank soon I don't want to damage him so just wondering how I could do it with him flicking around everywhere and hurting himself or destroying the tank
  13. Hey guys just after a tank 8 to 10 foot X 3 foot X 2.5 foot to upgrade a natives tank and also how do u sedate a big fiah to move it
  14. I just have a 6 footer atm got sand in the bottom with big rocks and big driftwood have 400 per hour 2 externals running and 2 100 mm sponges as well Yeah they grow fast what sized tank do u have yours in
  15. I don't think the americans would take it on its.massive and would prob swallow them whole lol
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