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  1. Got it sorted now, appreciate it though
  2. d1ll


    Yes they are, with medium/high light
  3. Gone.... Glossastigma elatinoides - Handful Hydrocotyl tripartita - Handful Pygmy chain sword - several small runners Rotala Sp. green - 10 stems Hygrophilla pinnatifida - 3 stems
  4. Gone Pickup Taringa Needle leaf java fern - big bunch of medium to small plantlets Narrow leaf java fern - handful of small plantlets Regular java fern - a few small plants Crypts - several small plantlets, i believe this is Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown Hydrocotyl tripartita - small handful Hygrophilla pinnatifida - 2 stems Rotala sp. green - few stems Pygmy Chain Sword - several small plantlets
  5. For large plants fishing line works well and isn't very visible. For small plants i use superglue which works very well Bucephalandra are another epiphyte with many varieties, hygrophila pinnatifida is another Many people are also unaware that many/all stem plants can be attached to wood/rock. They won't attach to it with roots like epiphytes but will happily grow like that if secured properly provided there are sufficient nutrients in the water.
  6. There seems to be a lot of bickering and drama in the australian fish community, mostly around breeding which may attract a certain subset of people The aquatic plant forums i frequent both australian and foreign have a better vibe
  7. You're upset because the buyer requests photos? It's a perfectly reasonable request, you'd think the seller would want to advertise his offerings with photo representation... In fact i've noticed a trend in this hobby with many for sale ads... no photos supplied, some state to text for photos... do yourself and others a favor and post photos so you can move your wares quickly and efficiently
  8. There are two widely used DIY reactor designs, the rex grigg and the cerges reactor They'll both run around $50 to build, its generally accepted that the rex grigg design is better for maintaining flow while the cerges is easier to assemble
  9. The hobby has many facets, planted tanks and aquascaping are growing in popularity and the abundance of plants, hardware and techniques are increasing with time
  10. There seems to be little difference between the default and IPS default, but both use a very bright colour scheme
  11. Why has the theme changed to being so bright? the darker theme looked very good and wasn't as harsh on the eyes No dark theme available for selection in the menu
  12. Anyone experimented with this or other blasting media as a substrate in a tank? The color and particle shape seems to be decent, it's inert and if bought in bulk would be around $20 per 25kg which would make it middle of the road in affordability, certainly cheaper than commercial aquarium options for dark sand Maybe some users here work in the industry and can test it out
  13. I have the same type of fuzz in a shrimp tank, though it only grows 1-2mm long at most Really happy that it started growing, great for the little shrimps to graze on and looks very natural
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