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  1. Just a little trick that may help also, My girls always lay a clutch within a day of a water change. Seems to trigger their impulse. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi All, Just after a second opinion. Is the cichlid in the photos a Pundamilla Nieri or not? None of the other males in the tank have the hump on their head, which is why I am confused. Looking forward to your replies. John.Flameback1.jpg[/attachment:1racpn2e]Flameback2.jpg[/attachment:1racpn2e]Flameback3.jpg[/attachment:1racpn2e]
  3. Hi All, Just after a second opinion. Is the cichlid in the photos a Pundamilla Nieri or not? None of the other males in the tank have the hump on their head, which is why I am confused. :notsure: Looking forward to your replies. John.Flameback1.jpg[/attachment:37q73wn4]Flameback2.jpg[/attachment:37q73wn4]Flameback3.jpg[/attachment:37q73wn4]
  4. Hi all, Has anyone had a problem with Scotchbrite scouring sponge killing fish? Mum just cleaned her tank last night, & this morning, all 6 x 200mm goldfish are dead. The only difference was, she used a new blue Scotchbrite scourer. Wife just spoke to lfs, scourer has imbedded chemicles. Checked the fine print,"don't use in aquariums". Would be nice if they could spare the extra 2 cents to make the warning readily visable. :irked:
  5. Hi Jaynee, They where in a tank with a colony of Red Empress & Taiwan Reef, plus mums & dad b/n. You could be right, I did notice last night, that the bubs where hiding up under the top of the bubbler. I thought they where just trying to get away from the light. I have another lot of eggs waiting to hatch soon, so I wanted to fix the problem before they arrive. Might have to get a seperate fry tank. Thanks, John.
  6. Hi All, Got a very confusing problem! Last night I placed about 60 b/n swimming eggs into a bubbler. This morning there was only 10, & an hour later, they where all gone. The bubbler is top & bottom mesh about 1/4 the size of the eggs, so there is no obvious way out. But it is now totally empty. Has anyone else had this problem & what do you do about it? I put the last lot in the fry saver tank insert, & an empress jumped the side & ate the lot. This is starting to be annoying . I would appreciate any advice, thanks. John
  7. Thanks heeps for the feedback. I appreciate your help. John
  8. Hi Braddo, I am only new to Cichlid genetics, but what I am refering to is an article from Cichlid-forum.com, from which I quote: "Haplochromis sp. "Flameback" by Marc Elieson Haplochromis sp. "Flameback" is a very attractive Victorian Hap with a bold red stripe down its back (hence the name). It is very prolific and consequently commonly available at extremely reasonable prices but be sure not to mistake it for Haplochromis sp. “Ruby Green” or Pundamilia nyererei." This was the reason for my confusion. John
  9. Hi Guys & Gals, Just like your opinions. I bought these fish as Flamebacks, but I am sure they are Pundamilia nyererei. It doesn't really matter, but I just like to know what I have in the tanks. Let me know what you think! Thanks, JohnPundas.jpg[/attachment:1p5jjjjz]
  10. Hi All, Just had our first Bristlenose young'ns arrive. Wife was doing a clean of the community tank & there they were. Egg sacks are all gone so they must have been dodging bullets for a few days. Managed to get about ten out safely, so hopefully, they'll grow up nice & fat now. Will let you know how we go. John
  11. She had 2 other females & a Large male in the tank with her, so she should have been right. Unfortunately, the big male didn't survive the transition, to my tank. Not sure why, had a little bit of fin damage, but the tank he was in, was too small, so might have been from fighting. :hothead: 'Bout as frustrating as running out of fuel, have way through a busy set of lights :hothead:
  12. If you go to a Plastics distributer that sells polycarbonate & perspex, etc, they will have clear tube in all sizes, right down to the size your chasing. Almost identical to the stuff your large Vac is made from. I'm not sure who the distributors are up your way, but there are a few on the Gold Coast. How this helps you out. John
  13. Too late She must have spat them last night, in the community tank :sob: All gone
  14. Bought in a batch of fish 4 days ago, & just wondering how long they hold for? She is about 110 - 120mm long. I have no idea how long she has been holding, but things are starting to look a little crowded in there. This is my first spawn, so not sure how to play it. Look forward to your replies. Thanks, John
  15. Too late, he's gone! But I don't want to loose the girls. Below is a fuul gamit of tests that I just did on the tank: Ammonia = 0.0 NO3 = between 5 & 10 NO2 = 0.1 GH = 60 KH = 40 PH = 7.4 CA = 20 PO4 = 1.0 FE = between 0 & 0.1 Celated FE = 0 (No plants in tank, so doesn't really matter) What am I missing? The only thing I was wondering. was there is very little algi in the tank, for them to feed on, but they had wafers & fresh vegtables, zuccini, cucumber, pumpkin, apple. ??????????? Waiting for your expert advise, thanks John
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