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  1. JDee

    New Dam

    I honestly don't even like him much!
  2. JDee

    New Dam

    Hey Mitch and Netty! Thanks for the reply, will we need to do anything to ready the pond? Its a bit rough around the edges!
  3. Hi everyone, my Brother has just purchased a property with a dam and has no interest in it at all. What can be done with it? The water is muddy brown, the dam itself is at least 5+ years old. There is little to no plant life and it is largely unshaded. I have told him to put something in it but neither of us have much of an idea what. Im not sure if anything is currently even living in it besides the dreaded toad. I was thinking maybe natives, anything really that might thrive in this habitat. Thanks people.
  4. Everyone loves a Bearded Dragon joke!
  5. Thanks Butch, I will do exactly that. I have now stocked the quarantine tank. I will observe for a week. There are no obvious signs of unwell at this point. Thanks again.
  6. Hey tank is all set up. How long would you quarantine fish before releasing into general population? Should I be worming? What should I treat the quarantined for and with what? Any suggestions greatfully received.
  7. Thanks Ozmo i'm going to check that out now.
  8. I am taking the advice of members on here and setting up a quarantine tank, I have been seeding an extra filter in a tank for about 3 weeks and being that it's only a small tank I am able to syphon water from the top tank to the bottom. Providing this tank has been cleaned thoughly before filling is this tank ready to be used? I'm only asking as I've read on here a few different theories on setting up tanks. What other measures if any should I take before using this tank? Please feel free to add advice no matter how basic it seems. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks for reading :cool
  9. Hey Guys just a bit of an update, I went to the LFS in question and saw my returned fish back in the tank and up for sale. I couldn't tell if there was any treatment in the tank but there may well have been for all I could tell. The fish were still infested. I checked another tank of the same fish but larger to see if they were ok cause I still fancied some of those guys. Alas it was not to be as they too were infested. I waited about 20 mins to tell the flat out staff about the issue and to see if they possibly had more on another system. I was told that there isn't too much on them, and that If I wasn't happy with them then don't get them. I know diehards will say "hey buyer beware" and I was. I wasn't really happy to see them back up for sale, I didn't see a note indicating treatment on the tank that you can see in some shops. They have been shown the problem twice now, I can only hope they are being treated and not knowingly being sold as sub par fish.
  10. I'm not picking on staff, the bloke was courteous and did exactly what I asked. Im just asking what systems would be in place to stop this from happening. I also saw at least 3 very sick looking fish whilst I was there, staff were informed and dealt with the problems. Maybe it was a really busy day. Just to say again, the staff were working their asses off. Thanks for shedding light Donny, Im not in the know about how these run. I can expect too much sometimes.
  11. Fair enough, I don't believe a majority own a quarantine tank. Not everyone is like us and are as lucky, but I understand your point.
  12. Mate your eyes are obviously a few years newer than my own.
  13. As above I don't want to offend any sponsors so I will be subtle. I bought some fish today infested with whitespot today. The outlet was understaffed and the staff that was there were doing their best to see to everyones needs. I was served after waiting 45 mins and grabbed the fish and went home. A short time later after getting home I discovered the parasites and rung the store and returned them for a refund. So all good. What would have happened if I didn't check them, no one else did at time of purchase. The staff were flat stick and doing their best I guess? Would it be a case of too bad so sad if I infected my fish via introduction of new infested stock? Would they have acknowledge the issue and help curing the problem? Would they claim the problem wasn't theirs? So beyond the issue of a wasted afternoon, I guess I thought a place such as this one would have systems in place to avoid this. Both visual and mechanical. Anyway I hope I haven't upset anyone with this post im just a bit disappointed. Anyone else had this issue?
  14. 2ftr and a ornamental car, that the BN spawn in. The tank has a lot of flora. Looks like im in the market for 6 clown loaches. Theres even two bloody goldfish in there!
  15. I have some silly common bristlenose breeding in a tank at the moment. If I introduce 6 small clown loaches will this disrupt their non sanctioned nocturnal activities? My guess is yes but im sure most of you out there have had a similar situation so im interested to see what the consensus is. Cheers.
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