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  1. Hello LD50ms222wobblyfish, Not sure if your answer was to my post or if you replied to another post by mistake? Our pond is already built and stocked (Did you see the videos I posted?) Our pond is 600m deep with 300mm terraces, substrate is river pebbles and rocks everywhere (even on the terraces), and now we added some river sand as well in some parts. We had problems with cormorants eating our goldfish last year so we decided to do a few things to mitigate. 1) We added lots of logs and submerged plants - mainly elodeas (potted for better control as they spread rapidly) and planted vals. This quickly created lots of hiding spots and also helps with natural filtration. 2) We changed stock from goldfish (big and slow) for smaller and quicker fish. In the second video you will see the stock we had at that stage. Now that weather warmed up a little bit we changed the stock. We added a big school of 80 angelfish and corys, but we also have few natives like rainbow fish, rhads, blue eyes, tandanus, etc... I'll post a video update soon
  2. Thank you @LegendaryChick! Here is an update from earlier this year
  3. Hello Kaizen, We're in Sunny Coast and the regulations were similar, no fence needed if it was not for swimming, up to 60cm depth I think. Our pond is more for aesthetics than production, we used liner and river pebbles to cover it so bacteria can live. Most important thing is water circulation and plants to maintain water quality. We're quite happy with it so far (it's only been two years). Our pond receives full sun for a couple of hours a day. I've read many people having problems with water quality but that hasn't happened to us. I think it might be we got lucky with balance. Before this one, we also kept smaller fish ponds (those plastic kiddies sandpits they sell in Bunnings) and had no water circulation. No algae in those ones either, but surface was fully covered with salvinia and duckweed. That video Shaun posted is from 2 years ago... This is another video from last month (only underwater)...
  4. Thank you all! I will post more photos and an update soon :-) (for some reason instant email notification doesn't work for me... Does anyone know why?)
  5. We did this in Oct/Nov last year and it was a lot of work indeed... but was worth it... we're so happy with the result. Below is the video of the process
  6. Hello everyone! We wanted to share the build of our pond. You might have already seen this in another aquarium forum we belong to but if you haven't here it is: Project idea: The pond is going in the frontyard that is going to be fenced somehow (maybe with a rough retention wall and plants, and maybe a short wooden fence in parts... the idea is to make it look as natural as possible so we'll see what we end up doing. The property has lots of palm trees around the house, and there is an area that is like a little bushy forest. It is quite shady in there and looked like an awesome place to start the waterfall. The stream goes across the bushy little forest to end in the 600mm deep pond. We got some ideas from a company in america called Aquascape. There's a company in Australia that trained with them and do the same kind of builds here in Australia. They helped us build this pond which converted our frontyard in our little oasis. This guys build natural ponds that work as an ecosystem and the photos in their website look awesome, if anyone is interested I'll send you the link. Here are some photos of the project idea, and will follow soon with photos from the build stages. Hope you like :-) Will post more photos soon...
  7. Yes, just realised this. Thanks for your answer TheAquaHolic001 :-)
  8. Hello Sclero! 

    Do you still have daphnia?  I am interested and live in sunshine coast.


  9. Hello Everybody! I am a new member looking for informaiton about aquariums in general. We are trying to start breeding angelfish and so we're interested in different food source for fry. we saw a thread about someone that sells daphnia, but when logged in I can't seem to be able to see/post in this thread: Daphnia/Copepod cultures for sale - QLDAF Other Fish Trader ... We also have a 12K litres pond that is 1year old and we're interested in learning about local native fish to put in it. Any helps or comments are welcome! Thank you!
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