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  1. Can anyone tell me as I brought it as a female
  2. If some one could help me with getting a positive idea on sexing my L333 please thanks everyone all pics are of same fish cheers
  3. Ohhh whoops should of looked at that yeh I don't think they will be there then 😆
  4. Does anyone know how much the L168's are going for would like some of them
  5. Thanks mate I'll be a very happy man if atleast 1 is a female they are by far my favourite fish
  6. One more pic thanks everyone for you help
  7. Who can sex any of my L169's 1@6.5cm 1@7cm 1@8cm all same age 1yr old. And does anyone know how old they are to reach sexual maturity cheers
  8. Hi all, I've been told it is a male when first got them about 6 months ago thanks people
  9. Thanks Affinity I hope so need to have some luck with female plecos sometime lol
  10. Arnos LDA01 GOLD STRIPE PANAQUE (L169)
  11. My pics stuffed up here are the pics for you
  12. Hi guys im after someone to sex my L202 for me it's about 7-8cms let me know your thoughts please cheers
  13. Got a little excited you could say!!! 43 in total hehehe Blue Rams Borneo suckers Gold spot Sailfins Royal whips Whips L104's Rummy nose Gold gourami's Rosy barbs Angels Cuckoo catfish And must say very happy high quality
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