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  2. Great to hear that mine aren't the only BNs to enjoy the food Just remember that they don't need to be fed as many wafers as with other brands, having said this, the non-eaten wafers are very easy to remove as they tend to hold together a lot longer than comparative products Cheers
  3. Thanks guys, always a pleasure to share my pics with folks who enjoy them
  4. Very well put Braddo, fish can be very finicky when it comes to the types and amounts of foods they will readily consume. Perhaps one of the best things about the food, is infact, that it does breakdown slowly. This in turn allows plenty of time to remove any excess foods that may contaminate the water parrameters, thereby saving a lot of un-needed work. As for not eating it, well that, as anyone who has kept and bred fish for any period of time, will tell you is a common thing. I have a Barramundi who will eat no other pellet foods bar those nasty red and green floaters you can get in bulk, [No accounting for some fish's tastes, lol] and live foods. Cheers
  5. Here is a demo vid showing my Bristlenose Catfish and their fry loving the Prestige Aquatics Spirulina Wafers and the Vegie Pellets. [yt:1dfp1yah]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGe8ayXP8VM&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGe8ayXP8VM&hl=en&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/yt:1dfp1yah] Cheers
  6. Sweet pics Japes, and great looking fish well done
  7. I have a photographics business registered but am still but a mere wanta be I am afraid, there are folks out there who fish photographs make mine look like preschool stuff Cheers for the comment though
  8. Thanks Sam I used a Canon S2IS set on auto with macro active to take the photographs. [in my humble opinion still the best camera Canon ever produced for ease of operation and cost effectiveness] The lighting is achieved via a dual set of El Cheapo Porta Floods [The kind you can get for a song at places such as Bunnings etc] set on a step ladder to position the light above the tanks so as to avoid glare on the tank. The images were then processed via PSP8 and Picture It Express for cropping and resizing. Stoppy - Cheers when you feed your fish right and take care of their aquatic parrameters you get good fish HTH
  9. After trialing this food range for several months, I am now well and truly prepared to speak for the product I have fed a range of foods to my cichlids over the 35 or so years that I have been keeping and breeding them, most have their good and bad points. No doubting home made recipes work but only when the correct ingredients are used. By that I mean those ingredients that the fish requires to meet their optimal dietary levels. My frozen foods contain ONLY ingredients suitable for human consumption such as top quality Seafoods and Vegie matter. It works out to be a messy job though, and I now only make the food on a limited basis for species such as the WC Frontosa etc. My main feeding product now is the Prestige Aquatics range [as in the photo comp prizes] and I have found that it has returned good success with all aspects of the fish husbandary in my fish room and in all the species I currently keep and breed be they Cichlids, Natives, Catfish or Tetras what ever. This product has a variant suitable for all species and sizes of fish, from first foods through to adult feeding. The size range is equally as good with the smallest pellets being a 0.8mm through to the 3mm sinking pellets. [There is a new flake that is in the testing stage at this very moment and is showing all the signs of being a great success as well. Note: None of the Prestige range is released until extensive field trial are conducted and the product is proven]. The product range I have trialed includes the following: ~ Growth Bites - 0.8mm sinking pellets ~ Colour Bites - 2mm sinking pellets ~ Vegie Pellets - 5cm sinking disc ~ Carnivore Pellets - 5mm sinking disc ~ Spirulina / Algae Wafers - 12mm sinking wafer ~ Cichlid - 3mm sinking pellets ~ Colour - 3mm sinking pellets ~ Koi/Goldfish - 3mm Floating pellets ~ Koi/Goldfish - 6mm Floating pellets ~ Australian Native - 2mm sinking pellets ~ Australian Native - 5mm sinking pellets ~ Fighter Bites - 0.8mm sinking pellets ~ COMING SOON - Prestige Aquatic Flake I have used, and am still using , all of these products and have found them all to be an excellent quality food and a very cost effective food as well. Add to this that the Prestige Aquatic Foods range are 100% Ausralian made by Australian aquatic hobbiests for Australian aquatic hobbiests and it make a great addition to any feeding routine. I feed my fish as follows: ~ Monday to Friday - feed suitable varieties of foods [both man made and fresh] ~ Saturday & Sunday - NONE of the fish get fed [This allows the fish time to process the foods in their digestive tracks and purges them]. By doing this feeding routine and maintaining the water parrameters of my 50 odd tanks I have managed to breed nearly all species of Aquatic creatures that I have had during my time in the scene. Sorry if I sound like a sales rep but I can only post what I believe to be true, a big THUMBS UP to Prestige and common sense I proof is in the seeing! Cheers
  10. Here are a few pics I just finished editing. Hope you enjoy Cheers
  11. I have a Chilo that has something wrong. It is only a young female but has already spawned once for me. It would appear that her gut is coming out of her anus. Have you seen this problem before? What do you think it is? How can I treat it? Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated. Cheers
  12. As Dave and Frenchy said, just be sure to check them regularly if you do you heaters though, I have heard of many heaters becoming the end of fish due to a faulty thermostat causing the heater to remain on instead of regulating with temp fluctuations.
  13. Looks like the cycle topic has been covered one way or another! Dno you stated towards the start of this thread I dont quite understand what this is meant to mean. Does this mean 2oz every 2 days? If so has anyone thought to ask at what rate you are stocking the tank? I know that this in itself may have nothing to do with why your fish died, but it certainly does have a bearing on the maintenance required to maintain the desired water parrameters, particularly when concerning the more delicate species of fish. Cheers p.s. Sorry for your loss, I too have suffered this but it WAS the water as the local council upgraded the treatment levels but somehow forgot to mention it to the local residents :hothead: I now make sure that I do not do any form of water maintenance on a Wedsneday as this is our local treatment day [so I have since been informed].
  14. Update: 24/07/09 Demasoni Frontosa Common Bristlenose Catfish Maingano Chilotilapia sp.Euchilus
  15. Hey cheers for the reply Poncho It seems she was holding air in her mouth, as she had nothing there prior to moving them into the 6x2x2. I have been told by others who have bred them, that they are not unlike Frontosa in that they will take bubbles of air into their mouths. Cheers RM
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