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  1. Interested in Dovii fry anybody know where I can get some.
  2. pair of Festae for sale 3 years old have bred $180 for the pair call 0419 283 000 if Interested
  3. garry2

    WTB Festae

    Does anyone have any festae fry for sale need some new blood Have got three pairs and a load of fry myself
  4. garry2

    Pics of your Festae

    The couple have had fry as you can see bottom right of male , have about 150 at a month old
  5. garry2

    my boy

    That he is Donny hand tamed but still try's to destroy the tank
  6. garry2

    my boy

    my boy about 20cm and 7 months old
  7. garry2

    Pics of your Festae

    young group
  8. garry2

    Pics of your Festae

    young female