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  1. hard to see perfectly but from your shots but they look like electric blues imo these can vary in quality quite a bit you will always have only one dominant maie who will be the best coloured and the sub males are washed out. the white blaze is not as evident in your dominant male as it normally is could be your camera or the fish are young or they are not going to have a good white blaze hope this helps
  2. the shellies were either neolamprologus caudopunctatus or neolamprologus multifaciatus they were the only ones I saw but I was pretty busy helping out so may have missed a few
  3. Definitely get some rare plants at auctions that go for good money have seen then go for 25-30 per lot or more depends what it is and how many people want it average is around 10-12 per bag for the normal stuff unless it's duckweed Lot of plant nuts at auctions I am bringing bolbitus, native fissidens, peacock moss, willow moss, needle leaf java fern and six types of anubias and some pelviachromis taeniatus Nigerian reds
  4. There is projector and large screen and they try to have a pic of what the fish look like up as it is being auctioned the auctioneers do a great job of giving info on the fish size type ect as they auction my 11 year old and 5 yr old daughter have the best time at these things they play with th other kids in the hall nice and safe good fun. Definitely bring a coolite box though it can get chilly for the fish without The sellers fish sit in coolite boxes on the stage and there is no viewing before the auction to keep the fish warm and less stressed you are welcome to come up to stage and have a look at a particular lot while it is being auctioned as well people mostly do this for unusual lots Hope this answers your questions
  5. I will prob bring some satanoperca leucostica and some needle leaf java fern
  6. Was a huge night in all and lots of tired volunteers at the end. Lots of happy buyers/sellers as well. Will never be able to please everyone but these things can always be improved. Japes sorry I did not stop to chat my eyes are not that crash hot as you know and I was run off my feet mate I realised when I was back up the front that the fellow that said hi to me when I was running to the loo was you I remember smiling and saying hi back as I walked by not really realising who I had said hi to at the time. If that was not you at the back then my eyes are worse than I thought and I owe someone else an apology. I do apologise if you thought I had not seen you and to anyone one else I may have missed definitely not intentional I love catching up with everyone and talking fish my fav hobby actually. Oh and I bought some sterbai corys and a pair of apistogramma borelli which is a small haul for me for an auction but I was trying to be good. cheers Petrina
  7. Here are some photos I have taken over the last 3 years or so still learning lots. Hope you enjoy Petrina
  8. Well went to fishchicks to pick up some of the F1 Peruvian (scalare) Altums and they were very nice took me 1hr to have a look at everything and ended up with 2 trio and 1 pair of fancy guppys including a crown tail type which I have not seen before very interesting. Can't walk into that shop and just buy one thing had a great time but. Also got some Red Lizards L10A which are lovely red colour. All fish settled and happy at home and looking good. thats my week of fish buying. Petrina
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