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    just started to keep fish again after 20 year break. now have more time to enjoy hobby.
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    breeding bristlenose just got first discus ever
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  1. Does anyone know where Icould purchase a young giant gourami?
  2. Hi Stu and welcome lots of good stuff on here
  3. Welcome to the forum, lots of people keep natives on here
  4. welcome to the forum, should contact pandapete on here he breeds whiptails
  5. had same thing happen some years ago, I put a brace across middle, and all ok. If no where to connect brace to could make aluminium brace to clip over outside of glass. from back to front
  6. I use 2x 2000lph in 4x2x2 and tank is clean as, do need to clean sponges couple of times week but have quite a lot of fish in tank (very easy to clean, unclip filter canister and wash in tank water, leave power heads running) also have canister otto running on another tank, very old never missed a beat. Got otto internals from A.O.A browns plains, work out about $40 each with forum members discount.
  7. Fluval is probably the best but depends on budget, Eheim are also very good, since I had flooded lounge (luckily did not lose any fish) I now use otto internal filters (paranoid). My tank is 4 x 2 x 2 as well.
  8. Welcome to the forum, good layout of tank parameters and pictures of tank, looks good maybe not cycled causing fish loss, could take up to 4-5 weeks to cycle an air stone may help, will add oxygen and break surface allowing exchange of gasses.
  9. You mentioned mesh, should be able to get it from a place that does awnings and shade sails but I would use perspex with holes drilled in it.
  10. Got some baby discus on Sunday off of a guy at Regents Park, he has beautiful tanks and fish, he bred the ones I got, he only has small ones but I like to see them grow, if you want I can send you his contact number. He will give you relevant information on keeping discus.
  11. @GotCrabs How is your shoulder and ribs now?
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