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  1. Another place on Gold coast is https://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.au/ There is nothing on their website about their discus but they do have some really nice ones. They are down at 11 Flagstone dr Burleigh. 11 FLAGSTONE DRIVE BURLEIGH QLD 4220 AUSTRALIA
  2. I have 6 tanks (5 in same room) and the endler tank is the only one with this problem. I dont spray anything as i know it can harm the fish...there are now only 10 endlers left...i have lost around 50 fish.
  3. They are swimming normally..even going after food..then they just start to twirl, lie on bottom and die..to the naked eye there is no sores or body issues that i can see...the corydoras are completely unaffected...and they are eating same food. ...i dont have a microscope. Johnbetta said it could be columnaris...how that could be is a mystery ...the only fish i have moved into problem tank is my female angelfish...the tank she came from has guppies, tetras, mollies. platies, more corydoras and clown loaches and all of them are fine - no losses. It's not looking good...i did another partial water change this morning...but more have died since....less than half of the colony remains..
  4. Another 4 this morning...I am probably going to lose whole colony...
  5. But doesn't columnaris result in fungus like growths and poor condition? Mine don't have anything/growths etc on their bodies at all... Iv'e just fished out another six bodies...and done another 30% water change...I feel pretty helpless...I did spot two fry while doing the water change so that's a plus...If the numbers drop too much further I think I will divide them and put some in my hospital tank ...that way if it is something in the tank, the ones I remove and place in the hospital tank might have a better/some chance.
  6. Hi everyone. Long time since I have been on the forum as life has kept me super busy. My question: I have a 150 litre planted tank which houses bronze and panda corydoras as well as 60 (estimate) mixed endlers. The tank has been running for more than two years (probably closer to 3) and receives regular weekly water change. It is filtered by a HMF as well as sponge filter and small HOB. For several months the tank has also housed my female angel as my male was trying to kill her. Everything was going fine...no deaths for a long time..and then in the last two weeks every morning I have been finding dead endlers at bottom of tank. At first I thought it was the angelfish killing them so I moved her back to her old tank. And yet two weeks since I moved her I am still losing fish...Sometimes as many as 5 each morning are on bottom. I am losing both males and females in the same way. I have even observed them dying. One minute they are swimming and the next the are twirling to the bottom and dying. What is really strange is that until they suddenly do the twirling, my fish are behaving normal.. They are eating, chasing each other and breeding - there is however very few fry. What I dont understand is that the corydoras are completely fine. Iv'e not lost any of them. ..and I would think if there was a problem with my water that these too would be showing signs of being sick or dying. And the angelfish that I returned to tank is breeding and healthy. The endlers that are dying have no outward sign of infection or disease. I was wondering if it was something to do with the food. They get NLS flake, frozen blood worms maybe 2 times a week and squished shelled green peas every few days .... the corydoras are eating the same food and are unaffected....I am at a loss. if anyone has any ideas could you please reply. Water parameters as of today (did water change 2 days ago): pH - 7.6 Temp - 24c Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 15 Thanks.
  7. I use that sand and have not had a problem with it - and the fish love it - need to wash it well and mine is under 1 inch deep...I just make sure that I run my fingers through it when I vac and keep an eye on areas where detritus likes to gather...I have my intake 3-4 inches above it and have not had an issue with my filters....I find it easy to clean because all the crap sits on top.
  8. I would agree about the power...when I am back on my feet (just home from surgery) I want to investigate solar or other options for reducing electric costs...
  9. yep...my duckweed outside dies too....however grows like a hard to get rid of weed in my planted tank...shade is probably right - mine is in full sun.
  10. was thinking $$$ could do with somewhere to go to be a bit safer...I was worried because the oscar and one of the severums had been chasing them on and off for most of the day....seems to all have stopped now...I fed them ..they all ate together - no problems and now it is as though there was never anything wrong.....could be a ruse....will keep watching them closely..
  11. Apparently (we will see)..they dont like java fern...and some dont like anubias...I will just put them in and see..if it does not work - oh well.
  12. Added the silver dollars to the tank...."Honey" - my oscar - not too happy about it and has been chasing them with the odd attempt at bite...none successful...seems to have thrown the severums a bit as well...the dominant sev is also chasing the $$$..."Phillip" seemed more curious about them and not bothered...will give it time and see how it turns out...I think I will try and add a plant as the $$$ would probably appreciate more cover...anubias and java fern me thinks....
  13. Yeah..when I recover from my surgery I want to add some to the high branch on the left side of the tank...anubias which I will just glue to the wood when I do water change (gorrilla grip gel glue - is what I need to use apparently)...and at the moment the wood is leeching some tannins and I am lighting tank with a desk lamp...I may just change out bulb for a LED 6500k daylight bulb - have that on my planted tank and it is working well...I ended up putting all 4 severums in - which includes Phillip, the one who was getting picked on....I realised that that is what happens in a tank - there is always someone who has to be at the bottom of the rung....I was also considering adding my 4 silver dollars...?
  14. FINALLY.....TANK IS UP AND RUNNING....YEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAA. If anybody wants a looksy: I am using a 150 litre tub for my sump. . I have 3 smaller tubs which I drilled heaps of small holes in top 2 and they are stacked one on top of each other. I am turning over approx 2500 - 3000 litres per hour. pump is 3000LPH pump. Top tray has poly filter and foam, 2nd has bioballs and last (bottom) submerged chamber has marine pure spheres and lava rock. I dumped all of the bioballs and ceramic rings from their old canister filter into sump as well as some of the foam to seed it. Also used some of the driftwood and rocks from their old tank. All fish seem to be getting on okay. I decided to put Phillip into the tank...he is still being bullied and so am considering adding my 4 silver dollars as this may serve as a bit of a distraction to the bullies...????? what do people think? I think there is room for them....thoughts???? At present severums are the size of my hand and "Honey" the oscar is a couple of inches bigger... I have tried to ensure that there are an adequate number of "caves" for all of the fish to sleep and ample swimming room. I went with ordinary play sand as the substrate - about 1 inch deep. Light at present is just a desk lamp - I will get new light after my surgery/recovery.
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