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  1. U want the thick stuff i laid mine 5x thick did the job been holding water for 2 years now. Corners can be tricky when adding multiple layers, just play with it as u fill. Another option is an old bath tub or spa just need som aqaurium safe silicone to seal the hole, i jus glued a ceramic pot base over it then u got somwer to put ur lily pot.
  2. A freind of mine had a blue spot ray was gorgeous!!! One day it decide it wasnt eating anymore i have no idea why . As for tank size im thinkin 6x3 footprint atleast with well established LR and sump. Im sure others will b able to give more detailed advice good luck mate il stick with clowns
  3. I was thinking so just hoping he would b tough enough to handle it maybe .
  4. .Ok. Got a cousin who bought a 30cm pleco, u know the one i mean. This thing i feel is too big for the 5 x 1.5 tank he is in. Im wondering if the outdoor pond would be a better home? Pond is full of guppies snails and plants, any advice is welcom. Thnx 4 the replys guys
  5. On iPhone .. will try on tablet this arv cheers
  6. .Not my first post on this forum, have been away for som time and wanted to touch base before scrolling the threads. Also if somone can tell me why aquaholics logo covers my intire screen now? Is this intentional of is it to do with my device ? Anyhow hope to get bak into the forum , cheers. Duck.🍻
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