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  1. I would advise putting the chiller out side of the cabinet. They creat a lot of heat and defeats the purpose of cooling the tank.
  2. The fact that there could have been asain arowana around.. thats a shame
  3. Artificial only because I know what going into my tank and because I always have it on hand
  4. Shouldn't matter at all. All it's gonna do is add oxygen to the water. I don't see a problem at all
  5. Well that's the ultimate question mate and I think you'll find that not even the staff of the age knows where old Ben is. I think it's pretty funny that this is what his father did years ago, left a shop in debt and bailed.. The irony
  6. Yeah that torch wasn't cheap. I got some corals showing up tomorrow and an acro was in there and a Millie so we will see that big blue acro in the pic is a foot in diameter no joke, I wish the photos would do it more justice
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  8. Hey guys. So a couple months ago i shut down my marine tank to move. I pretty much wanted to start from scratch with the same tank though, so its still the 6x2x2 tank plumbed into a 4x2 sump. I replumbed the whole tank to just run off one DC return pump. That pump is feeding the tank, an emperor aquatics 40 watt uv and a biopellet reactor. There are 4 AI primes lighting the tank and seem to be growing sps quite well. For those of you that are familer with the zeovit products ill be using all except for the reactor, as i cant be bothered turning the rocks everyday. Ill just stick to the biopellets in the hope it will have the same affects as the zeolite rocks. Will post pics soon.
  9. So in theroy yeah it is possible isn't it.? I mean all I'd have to do is just add back the minerals to the waster water. I just moved in with some mates so trying to keep costs down on lots of things, so when I'm using the ro unit for top ups on my reef can I use the waste water as water change for my 8fter fresh if I'm just adding back the minerals ?
  10. No with photo editing. It just looks unnatural
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