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  1. substrate

    i have 2 2000l otto internal filters and ill have malawi cichlids.
  2. Black background

    what sort of paint?
  3. substrate

    whats the best white substrate to use sand or crushed coral or something else..? for a 6ft tank
  4. Hi guys just after some advice on best way to achieve a black background effect? Paint or black contact or others...? For a 6ft tank also
  5. Just set up up a new tank I have an aqua one 2700lph canister and a otto internal 2000lph filters. Ive never set up a tank this big before how long should a let it cycle for? Both filters are brand new any tips or advice would be apprectiated thank you!
  6. Filtration advice

    Thanks for all the advice! At the moment in leaning towards the idea of a aqua one 2700 canister plus and internal filter aswell. Is this a good opition?
  7. Filtration advice

    What size canister? Any brands or anything better then others?
  8. Hi guys jusy recently got a 6x2x2 tank just wndering what would be the best filtration for it internal filters? Havernt used canisters before am open to susgestions tho. TIA will have a colony of chumbu frontosa going in it aswell around 10 or so fish from 10-12cms.
  9. In the processof upgrading tanks atm chasing some chumbu around 8-10cms.
  10. In the process of upgrading tanks chasing some chumbu around 8-10cms would be indeal. Thanks.
  11. New tank and stand online?

    Do you recommend anyone in paticular?
  12. Just wondering if theres any shops online that I could purchase a tank stand and hood that will deliver australia wide? Something around 6ft?
  13. ADVICE needed

    Was just asking for some rough advice a number and what types of cichlid.