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  1. what sorta filtration do u recommend using then?
  2. Thanks guys im keeping malawi cichlids kalo 2 2000lph internals wont be enough filtration? I dont have any old filter media unfortunately
  3. Ive just set up a 6x1.5x2ft tank with two otto internal filters.. Just wondering how long I should let it cycle for? Any tips to speed up the process or advice appreciated thanks guys!
  4. Thanks guy massive help! Thats a shame about two stores closing down..
  5. Yeah ive been there before actually I see they are closed know monday tuesday but im leaving brisbane tuesday unfortunately.
  6. hi guys im heading down to brisbane soon was gunna pick up some fish while im down there mostly mawila ciclids whats some good shops down there?
  7. hi guys will a 300w heater be suitable for a 6ft tank i have africans in there?
  8. i have 2 2000l otto internal filters and ill have malawi cichlids.
  9. whats the best white substrate to use sand or crushed coral or something else..? for a 6ft tank
  10. Hi guys just after some advice on best way to achieve a black background effect? Paint or black contact or others...? For a 6ft tank also
  11. Just set up up a new tank I have an aqua one 2700lph canister and a otto internal 2000lph filters. Ive never set up a tank this big before how long should a let it cycle for? Both filters are brand new any tips or advice would be apprectiated thank you!
  12. Thanks for all the advice! At the moment in leaning towards the idea of a aqua one 2700 canister plus and internal filter aswell. Is this a good opition?
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