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  1. Bit of an update. I bought some more females and have 7 in total now. After adding all the girls he is jet black again and hasn't changed colour since. So by the looks of it he was stressed with not enough girls.
  2. I was hoping to one day to breed from them but now I'm not sure what to do with him. I wonder if he would produce normal peps or discoloured peps. Do you think a black substrate would send him black?
  3. Hi Guys, New to the forum. I bought some peppermint Bristlenose about 8 months ago 5 in total for my tank. Four of the Peppermints are jet black but one is permanently discoloured. They were all black when i bought them but one has progressively lost his colour! I have read that they become "washed out" when stressed but I don't believe this to be the issue as they all seem to get along great and with no fights. He feeds really well on a varied diet and looks healthy. Just after some advice as to why he is like this? Is he some type of hybrid or inbred? He has white lips white around his fins. He is almost grey! Thanks Pepper.
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