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  1. Hi Guys, I'm experiencing 3 out of 6 of my cobalt blues now have a sunken belly, it was only 1 fish 2 days ago. Today ive just dosed the entire tank with a anti parasite product, ive also soaked some food in a diluted mixture of the anti parasite and fresh garlic water. Ill feed the tank this over the coming days. The other fish I have (6 Dragons blood peacocks, 8 Saulosi, 2 pleco's) have shown no sign at all of this. As it was more then a single fish ive put the 2 pleco's in my hospital tank so I could give them a half dose of the medication due to their skin (as per full dose for the scaled fish) I have read plenty of other posts on here but just wondering if you guys have experienced parasites targeting a single species, or its likely to eventually take the entire tank. Also if you have any further suggestions id love to hear them. Thanks
  2. How about the aqualina moonlight? If I ran that during the day with my other led would that be too much blue? Thanks
  3. That looks amazing, I guess you get what you pay for... May be the go to after I try a cheap wave maker
  4. Guys a further issue I have is with my LED, it only lights up directly below it and the front and back of the tank stay rather dull. It's an RGB with a 27watt output. I'm unhappy with the blue output and considering running a 3f blue moon led along with it. any thoughts on how to increase overall dispersion of light? Such as a reflector of some sort or something? this is my first experience with LED after a 10 year break from the hobby so please excuse my ignorance. Thanks!
  5. [MENTION=12985]kiwikid[/MENTION] I get a lot of my stuff from guppys, yeh if be interested to link removed - Admin
  6. The other option is an OTTO 2000lph for $45, if this will do the job and assist in removing excrement then I'd prefer to go with this option, Any thought?
  7. I had thought of this but the vacuum sucks up all the fine gravel so it's quite a tedious task. I found a 6000lph wave maker for $20 so may give that a try first. The pet shop was telling me a 1500lph internal was too powerful and to only use a 800lph, I thought this was a little soft ...
  8. Ok great, so do you suggest I just rely on the cannister to pick up all the mess?
  9. Hi Guys, New here, I was hoping for some advice on what people have had success with keeping substrate clean. I have an extremely fine gravel so cannot vacuum easily and find a fair bit of fish excrement is settling on the bottom. i have looked into creating an under gravel jet system to eliminate dead spots and significantly increase flow, advice from local pet store was to just add an internal filter. the tank is 250L 4foot with a cannister filter, I'm hoping to upgrade to a 660L in the coming months. If I go an internal filter what would be the highest lph flow rate I could push in the 250 without it being too much flow, yet strong enough for a 660L? Thanks in advance
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